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January 18, 2022

Maddison Inglis

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

M. INGLIS/L. Fernandez

6-4, 6-2

THE MODERATOR: You came into the tournament as a wild card and you've defeated a US Open finalist. What emotions are running through your mind right now?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, I'm pretty excited with today's performance. It's my third time playing Australian Open main draw. I thought I played a really good match and I handled myself really well out there.

Yeah, I'm super stoked at the moment.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. When the last point was played, are you able to put into words the emotions you felt?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, like this is my first main draw win. I had thought of that moment for a long time. It was just pure happiness. I was so happy. I saw the ball go out and I looked at my box. It was an amazing moment. I'm really so happy I could have it here in Melbourne with all my friends and family there. It was incredible. Really lucky.

Q. Your serve had been largely unchallenged throughout the course of the match until right at the very end. Talk us through the trust you had in that.

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, I thought I served really well today, which was a huge thing in the match I think because with the lefty serve it's always tough to kind of get in those games, win those service games.

To hold serve every game was really important. I'd been doing a lot of work on my serve in pre-season, the few days coming up. I'm really happy with how it held up through the match.

At the end I was a little bit nervous. I just thought just go for what's been working. Yeah, I did that well at the end so I'm really happy.

Q. Last year you played a lot of tour-level matches. Do you think that helped you in preparation for today?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, definitely. I've had a fair few experiences now at this level. Today was the most comfortable I'd ever felt out there, which probably has a lot to do with how I played.

I pushed myself last year to play a lot of the WTAs because it is a little bit -- I'm used to playing the ITFs, winning a few matches there, just playing at the lower level a bit.

I thought to get to the next stage I'm going to have to play these bigger tournaments and the better players. I think that definitely helped me going into today.

Q. Shortly before you won, Sam Stosur wins. Ash won last night. What sort of example do they set? How much have they helped your career?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, Sam and Ash are both amazing people and amazing role models. We're pretty lucky to have those girls as people to look up, as Aussie tennis players.

Ash is playing unreal. It's not surprising that she played that match last night. It was so good to watch. I actually didn't know that Sam won before I went on, but that's amazing for her. Those girls, they always have time for a chat. Ash in the locker room, she's always, Good luck, Mads. She's so supportive which is so lovely I think. They're really great girls.

Q. I notice you played Fernandez a few times on the ITFs before. How much did you take out of those games today?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, I think Leylah and I played a few times. I think one was on clay. I knew it was going to be a battle. I know she's obviously -- she was ranked 200 or 300 back then, and now she's 30 in the world I think. I knew it was going to be obviously a different Leylah out there.

But, yeah, I just kind of stuck to what I have been working on, my game plan. I executed it really well today, so it was good.

Q. When you weren't able to convert a couple of match points on her serve, were you getting concerned? How do you settle yourself in that situation?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, I think going into the match I wanted to stay in my own little bubble out there. I just kept repeating that to myself, Just stay in this little bubble and just try not to think about the score.

Today it actually really, really worked, which was awesome. She played really well at the end. I don't feel like I did too much wrong. Yeah, just stayed really calm and it worked out, which was great.

Q. There's a couple more possible results.


Q. There's a fair amount of prize money involved. For somebody like yourself, how important is that check going to be for the next year?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, it is. Honestly prize money is something that I do think about but I haven't thought about at all. I didn't think about it at all in today's match.

But it is a lot of help. Now that I have turned 24 -- I'm still getting help from the federation. Once you turn 24, you have to find external help and coaches. It's going to be a massive help for me this year financially, which is great. Then I cannot focus and stress too much about that and just focus on things on court. It's a huge help.

Q. What about endorsement deals? Have you got anything as backing?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, I mean, I'm really lucky. I've had the lululemon as a clothing sponsor for a few years now, which has been amazing. Wilson has been a really, really supportive company towards me since I was really young, about 15. Really lucky I have those two.

Q. Does it feel like a world away from Geraldton to this moment right now?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, I mean, I was talking to mum yesterday. We started tennis just as a bonding thing with my mum and I. She said the other day, she was like, I'm so proud of you that you're playing in the Australian Open. It's amazing.

I think sometimes you just have to look back and think of the journey and you are at one of the biggest tournaments in the world. It's pretty special.

I remember playing Geraldton a few years ago. It was a lot of fun. Like I love playing tournaments like that. Yeah, I'm really lucky to be here experiencing a tournament like this.

Q. Does a match like today change the way you look at the year?

MADDISON INGLIS: There's still so many benefits in playing ITFs for me. I find that I'm playing my best tennis when I have a lot of matches under my belt. I definitely will do a mix, still some ITFs, a few WTAs. I will schedule around what I can get into and how I'm feeling.

Yeah, I think I've got to focus on the next match which will be exciting and see how far I can go this week. Could change a few things. Yeah, we'll see.

Q. How much of last year's US Open did you watch and pay attention to? What was your impression of Fernandez' run there? Did knowing what she did there enter into your mind today?

MADDISON INGLIS: Yeah, I mean, I actually watched a lot of Leylah at the US Open because she was playing with my really good friend Erin in doubles. We were there supporting, watching her singles matches, then I would go watch her doubles matches. She's such a lovely girl.

I mean, I knew she was going to be a really tough competitor today. I'm not sure if she was 100% physically okay today. I know she pulled out of Sydney, had a little bit of a niggle in Adelaide.

I'm still really stoked with how I played and how I executed my game plan.

Q. Talk me through not being able to go home at Christmastime, how difficult that was.

MADDISON INGLIS: The last couple years have been tough for everyone. I know that a lot of people are in worse situations than I am. But it is hard not to see your family. I was flying back from a seven-month trip, couldn't get into Brisbane where I live or Perth where my family is.

I was so lucky I had a really good friend in Melbourne who took me in for two months, which was amazing. I think the people around you just make it so much easier. So I was really lucky to have her.

Hopefully I can get back to Perth sometime this year.

Q. The Kaylah you were referring to, is that Kaylah McPhee?

MADDISON INGLIS: I do stay with Kaylah in Brisbane, which is where I live and train. I have a really good friend here in Melbourne, Emma Shoemaker, who is helping me out these few weeks as well. Staying with her was a lot of fun.

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