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November 22, 2003

Lisa Raymond


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lisa Raymond.

Q. What didn't work today, what worked well in the previous matches, singles and doubles?

LISA RAYMOND: Did you say what worked well?

Q. What did not work today that was working before?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, I think I was playing against a different caliber opponent today. Certainly that had something to do with it. You know, all credit to Amelie. She served well when she needed to. I think she played a pretty good match. You know, I think there were certainly a couple chances that I maybe could have taken that I did not. But, you know, again, she played well. Credit to her.

Q. You haven't had much success against her. Is there something in her game that causes you trouble?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, I think a couple of the previous matches that I've played with her have been on clay. Certainly, you know, I'd have to say that that surface would favor her. But, you know, I lost to her actually twice in Moscow. But, you know, it's funny. When I play her, I feel like my game actually does match up pretty well against her. But, you know, just a point here and there. Again, she serves her way out of trouble with me a lot of times. She did that in Philadelphia, and she did that today. You know, she's got great passing shots, which I think, you know, is one of the reasons she does have success against me when I do come in. I mean, it's an opponent that I don't necessarily mind playing, even though I do not have necessarily a favorable record against.

Q. You seemed to almost take the momentum when you broke her in the second set, but then I guess in the seventh game kind of turned back again. Was there anything specific that happened at that point?

LISA RAYMOND: I think when I got the break to go up 3-1, I really needed to tighten up that game a little more than I did. I didn't serve a very good game. I think that that was really important. But, yeah, I mean, the momentum definitely swung. I think once she got back at 3-All, got the break, she got a little bit more confidence and served out the match.

Q. She served 10 aces. She seemed to do it when she needed it, 15-30, 15-All. What is the difficulty with her serve? Is it placement? Is it deceptive?

LISA RAYMOND: I think with her, you know, some players you can read their toss. With her, it's always a little deceptive because sometimes you think she tosses the ball over her side, she's going to go T, and she'll take it out wide. One thing she did today was she changed her pattern with me a little bit serving. Usually when I play her, on the bigger points, on the big points, she serves -- you know, she utilizes more the out-wide serve. Today she was serving the T great. You know, that was to her credit. She definitely changed that up today, which I think was obviously a smart move.

Q. Is it a different setup in nerves playing for your country or playing otherwise?

LISA RAYMOND: It's completely different. You know, I'm not playing for Lisa Raymond today, I'm playing for the United States and for everyone sitting on that bench, you know, my country, everyone back home. Everyone is supporting us. So, you know, you feel that. I mean, but it's something that you want. I mean, it's something that you dream about doing. You know, this is the chance I've wanted for a long time, to play singles for my country, and I got it this week and this weekend. You know, hopefully Meghann will go out there today and get us a win and we'll be right back in this tomorrow.

Q. You're playing for yourself in other tournaments. So you have a captain here. Billie Jean is bouncing off the bench, she's yelling. How much does that help or hurt?

LISA RAYMOND: You know, it certainly helps. I mean, it's definitely sometimes -- it takes a little getting used to. You're not used to that. You're not used to someone on a changeover, you know, being there and telling you all these things and pumping you up, motivating you, telling you, you know, a couple things maybe you might want to change, things you're doing well. But, you know, it's great. I mean, it's amazing to be able to look over and to hear your support team there, you know, the entire match, cheering for you, you know, cheering you on.

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