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January 19, 2022

Maryna Zanevska

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference



THE MODERATOR: I understand you withdrew today with a calf injury. Can you please tell us about it.

MARYNA ZANEVSKA: Yeah, I got this injury in the end of my first match. I guess I finished on (indiscernible), and then after the match I started to feel worse, and then I took time to recover. I did everything I could, but it's just not enough to compete today fully.

It was a very tough decision, but unfortunately I had to withdraw.

Q. What was going through your mind or when did you make the decision? Was it last night, this morning?

MARYNA ZANEVSKA: I just did this decision like 10 minutes before basically. I said -- because it was my injury, I feel that every hour counts, and then I was feeling better definitely then after a few days, but it was just not enough.

So I said, okay, I will take the decision right away when I will do a warmup, but warmup didn't go well, and I said, okay, I cannot.

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