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January 19, 2022

Carlos Alcaraz

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

C. ALCARAZ/D. Lajovic

6-2, 6-1, 7-5

THE MODERATOR: Congratulations. Another straight-set win. How happy are you with your performance so far?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, I'm really happy with the performance today. It wasn't an easy day, so much windy today. I knew that I have to be really focused on the match, really focused on what I have to do.

Yeah, really, really happy.

Q. Next match with Matteo, following that very close one in Vienna, what did you learn from that one, and how confident are you given that was a close one but you managed to win?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Well, as you said, it was really close match. I mean, I know the way that Matteo is playing. I know him. I know that it's gonna be a really good and tough match against him.

I mean, I think I grew up since that match. Well, all I can say is I'm gonna have fun, I'm gonna play my match, and let's see what happen in that match.

Q. Can you compare his serve to the other big servers? In which way is it similar, which is different, which is harder or easier in terms of reading his serve?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Similar with who?

Q. With other big servers' serve.

CARLOS ALCARAZ: I mean, it's tough to read his serve, to read where he's gonna serve.

I mean, he's one of the best servers of the tour. Is tough to return his serve.

But I have to be focused on that. I knew that. I mean, I can't compare. As I said, he's one of the best servers of the tour.

Q. Generally here at night the temperature drops significantly. Will you still play with a sleeveless shirt even if it's a night match? There's no issue for you with the temperature?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: I don't know. It's different to play the night session than in the morning or afternoon. I don't know. Let's see when we're gonna play, and if we play at the night session, I don't know that order yet.

Q. But in general you're okay playing with...

CARLOS ALCARAZ: Yeah, yeah, I'm really comfortable playing without sleeves. Let's see (smiling).

Q. Well done. I'd like to know about Berrettini, do you think it's better for your kind of game to play indoor, outdoor, does it make a difference in your opinion, there is no difference at all? What is your idea about it?

CARLOS ALCARAZ: I don't mind playing outdoor than indoor. Well, I beat him in indoor court, but so I'm playing -- well, I'm feeling comfortable playing in outdoor courts, as well.

I don't mind playing in indoor court than outdoor court.

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