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January 19, 2022

Barbora Krejcikova

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference


6-2, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Another commanding performance on court today. Do you feel like your game is exactly where it needs to be here in Australia?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: Thank you so much. I think it was really tricky match, because she's really up-and-coming player, she serves really well and plays fast. I'm really happy with the way how I handled the match and how well I played.

I mean, I'm just trying to improve it every single match.


Q. Well played. You only dropped seven games in your two matches so far. Coming off such a big year last year, you must be pleased with your form to start a new season?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: Yes, I'm very happy with the way how I started the season. Yeah, I mean, I believe I'm gonna continue, because I do everything for that.

Q. Jelena Ostapenko, she can really hit the cover off the ball. What's your thoughts about that match?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: Well, you know, I just finished this match right now, and tomorrow I'm having doubles. I have to focus first on that.

Then, I mean, I know her for long time, I know her since juniors so I know how she's playing, how she's hitting. We have to figure out with my coach the best way how to play against her and how to beat her.

I believe it will work out for me and that I'm gonna have a good match.

Q. How is the court playing? There is always a lot of talk about whether it's fast, whether it's slow, the Australian Open courts. How are you finding the pace this year?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: Well, I think it's medium (smiling).

Q. I think you played Wang Xiyu back in the ITFs before. How much do you remember of that match, and how much did that maybe help you going into this match facing her again?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: Well, I remember that match very clearly, because it wasn't really my best match and I know I lost. Yeah, I played her in Australia, and it was really windy, so I remember the match.

I mean, everything that -- I mean, I was more watching her, like, what she's doing right now, so I tried to look at her first match. Also what she was playing like last week. I mean, everything that was happening, like I knew it's gonna come. So I think I handled the situation really well.

Q. Then you mentioned remembering Jelena Ostapenko from juniors. What are your memories of her as a junior? Did you guys have any tough matches, any duals? Did you ever play each other?

BARBORA KREJCIKOVA: I think we actually played during juniors. I think we actually played somewhere, yeah, but I cannot be clear. I mean, I'm not 100% sure so I don't want to say something incorrect.

I mean, I remember her as a really, like, tough player. I know she always played very fast. She was also, you know, very emotional.

Yeah, I mean, so far she had really good career, so I expect it's gonna be really difficult match.

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