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April 24, 2004

Lisa Raymond


THE MODERATOR: Lisa Raymond.

LISA RAYMOND: Obviously, I'm very disappointed. But Tina played very well. You know, hopefully I have total faith in Venus that she's going to go out there and give us a win this afternoon.

Q. Was there anything that Tina did out there that surprised you particularly in how she played?

LISA RAYMOND: No. I mean, I've played Tina before. I've never played her on a clay court. That definitely favors her game. She's much more of a loopy player, just kind of waits for, you know, to frustrate her opponent. You know, she played well. I can't take anything away from her. She hit her forehand well. She hit her slice extremely well. You know, there was a couple points here and there that maybe could have changed the match. I just didn't capitalize on those.

Q. Do you think she played that well or you played that bad?

LISA RAYMOND: You know, again, she played well. I'll leave it at that.

Q. Were you bothered with the rain?

LISA RAYMOND: Bothered with the rain? Obviously, it's not the perfect conditions to play in. But she has to deal with it, as well.

Q. Was the surface a big factor?

LISA RAYMOND: Again, I think my game matching up against Tina's on clay, it definitely -- it would probably favor her a little bit. Anyone against Venus, I'm going to put my money on Venus - I don't care what surface they're playing on. You know, hopefully Venus will come away with a win and go out against Katerina tomorrow and play well.

Q. Were you bothered by the rain?

LISA RAYMOND: The conditions were extremely heavy at the beginning. It just got worse as far as the balls were very heavy. But, again, you just got to deal with it.

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