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January 20, 2022

Garbine Muguruza

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

A. CORNET/G. Muguruza

6-3, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Tough day at the office. Talk us through how you felt out on the court today.

GARBINE MUGURUZA: Yeah, it's a tough day. I didn't felt at all my game. Yeah, my serve wasn't there. I think my shots weren't there also. Tactically I think I wasn't doing the right decisions either.

Yeah, I think on top of that she played very well, very solid game. I think she plays better when she's playing against top players.

Yeah, a little bit surprised about my level. I am a little disappointed, too.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. How many times have you been tested since you've been here?


Q. Do you get tested when you arrive at Melbourne Park? What has the testing regimen been?

GARBINE MUGURUZA: Me, I test every twice, every two days by myself in my room. It's not mandatory. I still do it.

Q. It's an optional thing?

GARBINE MUGURUZA: Yes, optional thing.

Q. Do you have to show when you arrive, the test result?

GARBINE MUGURUZA: No, don't have to.

Q. You spoke at the beginning about today's match. What do you think was the key to this? You said you weren't playing as well as you would have liked. Anything you can pinpoint?

GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, a lot of things. I feel like my shots weren't as accurate and precise. I feel also my aggressive game wasn't that aggressive today. I feel like she was dominating some of the long points.

Yeah, I think in general my game wasn't there.

Q. What would you like to say about your opponent and her effort and prospects in the tournament?

GARBINE MUGURUZA: Yeah, I mean, I don't want to say much about that. Good luck.

Q. At this point in your career, you have a lot of experience. What do you tell yourself or how do you deal with a disappointment like this? It's the beginning of the season. Australia is a long trip. Is it tricky to get over it or you know how to handle this?

GARBINE MUGURUZA: Well, is always a challenge how to handle things. It's been a pretty stressful start of the year also with my team. They all got COVID before coming here. We were, like, for 15 days apart. It was hard for me for the preparation to come to the Aussie swing and play and perform well. That was tricky a little bit.

Physically here I wasn't also feeling my best. It was a kind of stressful start of the year I would say, yeah.

Q. How did you handle not having your team for 15 days? What did you do?

GARBINE MUGURUZA: Yeah, I mean, that was tough. I'm okay always to train by myself and I like it. But it's a tricky part of the year also. The pre-season, the start of the season, you are doing the last touches. You kind of want to continue working. That threw me a little bit off.

Although I had time here to prepare and everything, yeah, I think the combination of everything I think didn't help me. But I think my opponent played great today. I have to say. My game wasn't there, but she played very good.

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