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January 22, 2022

Jannik Sinner

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

J. SINNER/T. Daniel

6-4, 1-6, 6-3, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: You're still undefeated in Australia, between ATP Cup in singles and here. How do you feel about your first week at the Australian Open?

JANNIK SINNER: Of course I'm very happy about the percentage of match wins, but talking about the match today, it was a tough match for me. I didn't knew him very well. I started well. Then after I made a couple of unforced errors and then he raised his level. He was not missing so many balls. In the second set I dropped a little bit of intensity.

So it was not the most clinical performance, but, I mean, I'm through, through to for the next week at the moment, so let's see what's happening. And of course trying to prepare in the best possible way for the next match, which is going to be a tough one.


Q. You just said that it was tough match. So what do you think, what makes Taro tough to play against?

JANNIK SINNER: I think he's very solid from the baseline in the moment, and he was serving very, very good on my breakpoints the whole match. For me, this made it very tough. I try to always have more breakpoints and trying to make him under pressure a little bit, and today it worked in that way.

In the second set he was doing more than me, he was trying to open the court a little bit more, a little bit faster, and then after I had to change a little bit.

So, yeah, I think it was a very, very tough match from my side.

Q. You have been asked this question many times already, but your generation from your country, Italy, has many good players, up-and-coming younger players. Is any reason, or just coincidence?

JANNIK SINNER: Well, no, I think there is, in every single thing, there is a reason. I think we have many, many tournaments in Italy from ITF events and many, many challenger events, so especially the younger players, the best young players can get some wildcards from there, and then they can play.

I think even if you lose there, you stay there, you practice with guys who are better than you, and then you raise your level immediately. I think this is one of the reasons obviously every young person or young player is trying to push themself with another one and then maybe both can go a little bit higher. This for sure is one of the reasons.

Then of course I think we have many great coaches, and, yeah, I wish everyone of course best of luck.

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