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August 27, 2004

Lisa Raymond


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lisa.

Q. You said last night you want to be known as a singles player. Do you think this week here helped solidify that, that you can play singles, not just be known as a doubles player?

LISA RAYMOND: Right. You know, sure. Again, I think the players on the tour know, you know, that I'm a singles player, just end up doing better in doubles. You know, yeah, it was a good week for me. I mean, it was a great opportunity. You know, I got some good matches under my belt for next week.

Q. Dechy came out kind of on fire. After 15 minutes she led 4-Love. What was going through your head at that point?

LISA RAYMOND: You know, she did come out firing. But, you know, I needed to step it up a little bit more than I did tonight. You know, I kind of was very defensive tonight, whereas the last few matches, I've been the opposite, I've been the one dictating and kind of taking it to my opponent. I don't know if it was just maybe, you know, the opportunity just got to me a little bit or if I just kind of thought a little bit too much out there. I'm not sure.

Q. Did you feel like you were finally getting some momentum when she took the medical time-out? Did that hurt you?

LISA RAYMOND: No, no, not at all, no.

Q. Do you think as much tennis as you played has caught up with you a little bit tonight?

LISA RAYMOND: No. You know, yeah, it was a late night last night, but I had all day to kind of recover. You know, again, I think, you know, it was good for me to get as much tennis as I got this week. I think I needed it. I think I needed it for my confidence. I think I needed it for my game. You know, I mean, again, I said it on TV earlier, if you can't get up for a berth in a final, then there's something wrong. You know, it's just unfortunate. You know, I just came up, you know, a little short.

Q. How do you gather yourself now after this to walk right back out on the court and play another match?

LISA RAYMOND: You just have to, you know, put it behind you. I've done it a million times, you know, as far as having a loss and then going out and playing a doubles match. You know, it's a semifinal again, chance to get to the final. You know, I got to regroup for myself and for my partner.

Q. Are you a little surprised that you weren't as up as you thought you should be for a semifinal?

LISA RAYMOND: No. I mean, again, it's just -- you can't control your emotions. You can't control whether it's nerves, whether it's, you know, the opportunity getting to you, whatever it is. You can prepare as much as you want, but once you step on that court, you know, you can't really prepare for how you're going to feel out there.

Q. Anything in particular about your game that you were particularly disappointed with tonight?

LISA RAYMOND: You know, I was just defensive. I didn't come in enough. Wasn't aggressive enough.

Q. At the end of the first set, even though she won it, you were able to make a bit of a run there. Were you thinking at the start of the second that you might be able to switch the momentum back on your side?

LISA RAYMOND: Definitely, definitely. You know, coming back the way difficult in the first, I thought, "Okay, I'm finally starting to hit the ball a little better, my feet are starting to move." You know, the first couple games of the second, I just didn't -- you know, I just didn't play tight. You know, I made some loose errors. You know, when you're up a set and a break, playing the way she's playing, you're feeling pretty good.

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