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January 25, 2022

Jaimee Fourlis

Jason Kubler

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference


6-4, 7-6

THE MODERATOR: When you paired up together at the beginning of the tournament, did you ever imagine you'd be sitting here talking about being in the semifinals?

JAIMEE FOURLIS: No, I don't think honestly we expected anything. It's been fun couple days. Hopefully we can continue. Yeah, didn't expect that to say the least.

THE MODERATOR: What do you think, Jason?

JASON KUBLER: Yeah, I was just hoping we had some fun, honestly. As long as we have fun, sort of the main thing. Now that we've been winning, it's like... I don't know.

JAIMEE FOURLIS: We're still having fun.

JASON KUBLER: It's been really good on court. I feel like when we're out there, we're having a lot of fun. Maybe that loosens us up a little bit. It's good.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Why do you think it has worked? The relaxed focus on having fun?

JASON KUBLER: I think it's because Jaimee is super clutch. Every time we seem to be down, comes up pretty big. That's what I would honestly say.

JAIMEE FOURLIS: He's serving pretty well.

I think we complement each other both from the back and at net. I think it's just been fun taking it point by point. Don't really have any expectations, yeah.

Q. Are you going to be able to keep doing that now or is part of your brain you might actually win a title? Mindset change?

JAIMEE FOURLIS: I have no idea. I think we're just going to keep having fun. I have no idea. We're both pretty shocked. Yeah, every time we win, it's a bonus, so...

JASON KUBLER: I think every match we've played on paper we're heavy underdogs. Even going forward, we probably still have that mindset where we go out there, swing as hard as we can, see how it goes.

Q. How much confidence does it give you, Mirza and Ram won nine Grand Slams titles, you're able to beat teams like that?

JAIMEE FOURLIS: Yeah, that's pretty cool. I didn't know that.

JASON KUBLER: Probably a good thing we didn't know that.

JAIMEE FOURLIS: I was trying to listen when they were saying the highlights of what they were. But, yeah, it's pretty cool.

Q. I think your opponents, whoever they are, are playing now. Do you go away and have a look at that match?

JAIMEE FOURLIS: Yeah, I think so. I think we just figured out who we were going to play before we walked in here. We'll do that again, yeah. Just have fun.

JASON KUBLER: Who knows. Who knows. Whoever wins out of them, I don't think it really changes what we're going to do that much. We're going to go out there and go for our shots, hopefully comes off.

Q. For your own individual confidence going deep in a slam like this in terms of your singles game, how much confidence does that give you?

JAIMEE FOURLIS: Yeah, I think a lot. For me it's been a rough three years, so just to be able to still play and be happy, I think that's a big bonus. I'm really happy to still be here.

JASON KUBLER: For me, I guess I think it's just more the experience of it all. We're getting to play on the big courts. I guess hopefully when we're playing singles matches there, we're kind of used to the bigger courts. So, yeah, until now I've never played on I guess Kia, never played on Margaret Court. Now that we've done that, had a bit of experience, it's a bit easier now.

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