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August 27, 2005

Lisa Raymond

Samantha Stosur


Q. You guys kind of cruised through that first set. Second set you guys had trouble with serves. What went wrong in the second set?

LISA RAYMOND: I think we definitely did cruise in the first. I think the second we had a lot of chances, lost the chances and then we both kept breaking each other. I think certainly could have won that set in a breaker, but I think it was really good for us. All we can -- we kind of put ourselves in sticky situations and fought our way out of them. It is a good few matches for us to get under our belt and good win before the Open.

Q. Samantha, they fought back to tie it in the second set. How did you compose yourselves heading into the third set because you again like the first set you cruised?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Just tried to stay calm. We weren't playing badly. We certainly, as Lisa said, had chances to win that set. It's not like we started doing the wrong things or anything like that. We just needed to keep doing that. We just did it a bit r

better at the start, really jumped them, never really let them really get close.

Q. You haven't been playing that long together. How quickly have you guys meshed do you think, obviously you win --

LISA RAYMOND: I think any new partnership it can take a while. Sometimes they gel right away; sometimes it takes a couple of tournaments. We have done -- we have made a conscious effort to work on some things and spend some time together on the court, on the practice court to do some doubles stuff. Hopefully we are peaking at the right time.

Q. You guys are playing the US Open together?


Q. With the addition of the men's tournament this schedule kind of got bounced around, this match was supposed to start a little earlier than it did. I think Ann said on court it's kind of a testament to womens doubles here, but would you have preferred to play earlier in the day like on grandstand if that was Open?

LISA RAYMOND: I don't think we would rather do that. I think you play a final, you want it to feel like a final. You work all week to get to that, that's the culmination of the week. It was unfortunate it went so long, but I love playing here because the fans stick around for doubles. It's a testament to the tournament and to how much they love to come out and watch women's doubles. What, it's one o'clock in the morning and still had a couple hundred people out there. Pretty remarkable.

Q. Had you ever played a match that went this long into the night before?

LISA RAYMOND: I haven't.

SAMANTHA STOSUR: I started a match at Aussie Open this year that started at 12:30 at night.

LISA RAYMOND: I did too. I played a mixed doubles.

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Apart from that yeah.

LISA RAYMOND: Started at 12:30 ?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yes, got finished 1:30 or two.

Q. What about some of the other tournaments, do they have doubles that start at like in the evening late night; are they --

LISA RAYMOND: Yeah, a lot of times if there's a night session they usually put the doubles second on. It's not unusual to play at night.

Q. What makes Lisa such a great doubles partner? She's been able to do it with different people and be successful?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: I mean, just all-around great player. She has got a lot of experience certainly for me, being younger and certainly not having as much experience, it's really good for me to play with her, hopefully try and learn a few things that I can take into my own game. She's great around the net, really can just back me up with whatever I am doing. Just go out there and enjoy it, see what we can do.

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