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August 28, 1999

Lisa Raymond


RENNAE STUBBS: It is nice to put yourself against the really good players in the finals and the semis, see how you are doing. It was good today. I felt really good. It was fun.

Q. What was your injury?

RENNAE STUBBS: I had like a bursitis in my knee in the patella attachment in my tibia bone. It was just really painful from February basically to Wimbledon. I had a cortisone at Wimbledon. Had four weeks off, and now I am back without any injuries for the rest of the year.

Q. Is this where you want to go into the US Open?

RENNAE STUBBS: It is so perfect. I mean, I was really struggling about four weeks ago to even think I would be playing half decent. We hadn't played at all, so this is really nice. Major bonus.

Q. You have beaten the top seeds, but you were seeded second. Do you feel that there was a difference between you or was an upset --

LISA RAYMOND: Not really. I think any time like a team like us, we are pretty much, obviously a regular team and a pretty solid team. Jana and Elena don't play the whole year together, so, I mean, I think -- they are seeded ahead of us because the rankings are maybe one or two spots ahead of us individually, but as a team, it is kind of deceiving they may put them as No. 1 seeds, but I think as a team we are a better team because obviously we play a lot together.

RENNAE STUBBS: We kind of felt like we were the favorites because we play all the time and we should beat a team that doesn't play a lot even though, like she said, they are probably only one or two spots ahead of us. So I mean, it was even out there.

Q. How do you compliment each other as a team, do you think?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, again, any time you play as much as we do together - we know each other very well. We know pretty much what person is going to cover what shot. I think as far as -- tennis-wise I think that I am more like the solid, making the returns and setting her up at the net. I think that any time you can get two players like that that can compliment each other, it is a good compliment.

RENNAE STUBBS: It is important, like Lisa is more solid, she is the one that gets more serves; more returns in, sometimes more volleys and stuff. But I am also the -- like I will be the one that can play really well for like five games or I can approach and I can be the a lot more aggressive one.

LISA RAYMOND: She is a lot more active.

RENNAE STUBBS: I am a lot active and Lisa is a lot more solid. I am a lot more aggressive and Lisa is a lot more mellow. If we are both working in the way she should, we compliment each other perfectly.

Q. Since you have so much experience together and, you know, on the Tour, do you think about the fact that you are facing Novotna when you step on the court?

LISA RAYMOND: No. That kind of stuff really doesn't phase me anyway, in my singles - they are just, you know, Jana is just a normal human being who has had some good results - great results, singles and doubles. But I feel like I am on par with her out there now.

RENNAE STUBBS: Some people match up really well with others. I think I actually have a winning record against Jana in doubles. She may be one of the greatest doubles players ever played for sure, but her game -- I like playing her; whereas when she was playing with Martina, they were so good because they were so different. Martina was so solid and Jana would be a little bit more flashy, big serves, but when she is not playing with Martina then you feel like you can get to her weaknesses a lot better. She is a great player; you always want to go out and play well. We have a really good record against her every time we've played her.

Q. Did you feel like that today after you closed out that first close set that you probably had the mental edge after that?

LISA RAYMOND: I think you can kind of see it in Jana. I don't really know if she even wanted to be out there in that second set. I think once we got the first set under our belt, we knew we had to stay on top of them and make them play.

RENNAE STUBBS: That was huge.

LISA RAYMOND: Any time we got a ball, it just made Jana play a lot more balls and maybe we would have on a normal day --

RENNAE STUBBS: It was definitely the set. If -- when we won that first set, we felt like we could win because we should have won the first set easier than we did. It was important not to let that get away because we should have won it in the first place.

Q. Ever felt like that, that you just -- after you lose first set in a final, oh, let us just pack it up and go? What happens if one of you feels like that and the other doesn't?

RENNAE STUBBS: I never felt like that in my life.

LISA RAYMOND: No, certainly not in a final. Obviously there is a lot of things, as soon as we are finished here, we are going to shower and head into New York. Obviously they are doing the same thing. It is hot out there. She probably had that in the back of her mind, she wants to get to New York; the Open is starting in a day.

RENNAE STUBBS: To me, I think the desire is fading away from Jana. I mean, I saw it in her singles. I saw it out there today. I never ever ever in my career, I have played ten years on the Tour, I never played Jana one time and have her look like that today. That is her business, and that is her life and her career, I am going to go out there and play 100%, I don't really care what happens on the other end of the court.

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