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January 29, 2022

Celine Boutier

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Boca Rio Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. We're joined by Celine Boutier, the woman of the hour. Bogey-free, 3-under par to move up into solo third at 8-under overall. Three shots off the current lead as of 2:05 pm. Celine, how did you do it?

CELINE BOUTIER: Not sure. I just feel like it was not playing easy for sure, but I just feel like I was able to hit the shots I wanted to do. And then my putting under 10 feet was really good, so it saved me a lot of pars and make few birdies.

It was just a really solid day from start to finish.

Q. You had a birdie right off the bat at 1. How much did that kind of maybe settle any nerves or just get you into a nice rhythm to know that you could accomplish birdies and pars the whole day?

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, I was a little bit apprehensive with the day just because it was just so windy from the warmup and everything, and then being able to have a good start kind of definitely helped me get more confidence and just like try to, you know, focus on one hole at a time, not to worry too much about the rest.

Yeah, just play it by shot really.

Q. Have you had much experience in these types of conditions?

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, kind of actually enjoy it. It's a lot of golf like this in Dallas because it gets really windy there. And then, you know, growing up in Europe obviously we played a lot of golf in the U.K. so you're just kind of used to it.

I do like when the conditions are a little bit tougher in general, so overall it's pretty good for me.

Q. What's your home course in Dallas?

CELINE BOUTIER: I play Trinity Forest and it's really open so it can get really windy.

Q. Can you take us through the clubs you hit in and length of the putts on 12 and 16, the birdies?

CELINE BOUTIER: The length of the putts?

Q. Yeah.

CELINE BOUTIER: 12 was maybe 15 feet.

Q. What did you hit in there?

CELINE BOUTIER: I had a short -- a small 9-iron.

Q. 9-iron?


Q. And then 16?

CELINE BOUTIER: And then 16 my putt was about ten feet and I hit a smooth 7 in there.

Q. 7-iron. We think of great rounds out on this tour and you think of 62s and 63s. Today was a great round. What's the sense of accomplishment in going bogey-free and just battling through the day like this?

CELINE BOUTIER: I mean, I didn't even realize I had gone bogey-free, to be honest. I was honestly just focusing on one hole at a time, doing my best each hole.

And then obviously I knew the conditions were going to be tough so I could move up the leaderboard as much as I could was my goal for today.

Q. Do you see conditions on a day like this and kind of like your chances if you're used to it and you don't mind the cold?

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, I was honestly not -- I mean, I was a little bit apprehensive in the sense that if you don't hit the ball well I feel like it can really make a difference when it's windy and the conditions are hard, but I knew I was hitting solid and I had good shots, so just try to keep doing what I've been doing, not get too worried about it.

Q. Finally, what do you feel was the best part of your game this week?

CELINE BOUTIER: I think my irons for sure.

Q. Irons, yeah.


Q. You had a big comeback win last year at the ShopRite Classic. Is there a feel kind of this week like that week at ShopRite?

CELINE BOUTIER: I think it's different because ShopRite was only three rounds and I came from pretty far behind, so, I mean, I knew I might have a chance coming into the last round, but I was just honestly trying to go as deep as I can.

I feel like the conditions this week and especially this weekend are so hard that you can't really go very deep. You just have to play very solid and make pars, make as few mistakes as you can, and hope that it's enough.

Q. What's the excitement of facing a Sunday really early in the year with a chance to win?

CELINE BOUTIER: I mean, it's very positive for sure. I feel like the season is quite long, so you don't want to get too far ahead of yourself.

But as many times as you can to be able to play for the win in the weekend is the goal, you know.

So I'm very excited for the opportunity, and I'm just going to try to do my best.

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