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January 29, 2022

Charley Hull

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Boca Rio Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Charley, an under-par round today. Seems like quite the accomplishment. What were you thinking going through day three?

CHARLEY HULL: I got off to a fast start. I had birdie-birdie and then I hit great shot into three and three-putted it from like 15 feet.

But the greens were so fast out there today, down hill, downwind. I think the wind kind of like dried them out. Yeah, it was a great score. Could have been a lot lower, but I'm happy with that.

Q. How do you think you fared on the back nine there being able to turn it around to make it an under-par day?

CHARLEY HULL: I hit a great shot into 17 and I thought I had my putt and it just went on dead weight on that left side.

Yeah, no, I'm happy with that. Good to finish with a birdie.

Q. An impressive three days here at Gainbridge LPGA. What's it been like preparing for this year's season?

CHARLEY HULL: It's been great. Done a lot of practice in the off-season. Was in Dubai last week with my coach, Matt, and some friends just playing golf every day, practicing hard.

I met the TaylorMade guys out there as well because I was out there for the men's event and just got some good work in. Yeah, it's good.

Q. Do you like playing fun golf with friends during the off-season, or how do you keep that competitive drive going?

CHARLEY HULL: Yeah, I prefer actually playing golf with my friends at home than do I playing tournament golf. I just love playing golf with my mates, having a laugh.

And, yeah, we go out when it's like zero, minus one degrees and in the fog and when it's frosty just having a laugh. We enjoy it.

Q. What was some of the things you worked on and focusing in on this event?

CHARLEY HULL: I got the new drive and I really like that. It's got a strong ball flight. Just tidying everything up with my game. Yeah, worked a lot on my pitching this off-season as well.

Q. Did you change anything?

CHARLEY HULL: Not really. Just kind of just improving stuff.

Q. How accomplished do you feel after conquering a day like today heading into the final round tomorrow?

CHARLEY HULL: I'll really hungry actually. I can't wait to get some food in me.

Q. Go eat some lunch.

CHARLEY HULL: Thank you, cheers.

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