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January 29, 2022

Ally Ewing

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Boca Rio Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. How did you survive today?

ALLY EWING: You know, I just had this mindset that it's like it's playing tough, it is what it is. We knew what was forecasted, so I just kind of tried to tell myself that it's going to play tough; try to overcome the mental battle.

I think that's more than half of it, just mentally staying in there. I hit some really good shots and really proud of how I played.

Q. Is there any secret like outside of the mental part when you actually have to hit the ball in this? Is there a secret to making sure the distance is right or what's the secret to shooting even par in conditions like this?

ALLY EWING: I mean, I think you just got to strike the ball well, like your contact has to be really good. Any type of missed contact the wind just -- I mean, it takes it. It'll either knock it down more or if it's cutting and the wind is off the left, it'll keep falling right.

So solid contact shots are part of just staying really consistent. Trying to hit a lot of greens. I had a lot of really good looks so I hit some really good shots, but it was like it's also tough putt in the wind. You get a right-to-left breaker and the wind is off the right. You're like, Okay, that's more break. And if the wind stops and it doesn't take the break.

So it's just kind of like -- it's just staying in there and trying to give yourself as many looks as you can and be patient.

Q. This course is characteristically long. How did it play today comparatively to the last two days? Obviously adding in the wind as a factor.

ALLY EWING: Yeah, there were a few really long holes. They moved some tees around I think to counter a little bit of wind. But, I mean, it was still -- it was still playing pretty long. I had several hybrids in.

But overall I wouldn't say that the course played much shorter than it did the first couple days, especially with the wind in consideration.

So, yeah, it's just kind of a long course, and take advantage of the holes that you can.

Q. Which you did on No. 2. Take us through the one birdie you had.

ALLY EWING: Yeah, I hit a good drive in the fairway and then hit an 8-iron from like I think it was like 128. It was kind of a cool, low cross breeze into the wind, and hit it to about four, five feet and made that putt.

So my lone birdie.

Q. Can you remember a time where you just par'd out a nine like today?

ALLY EWING: I feel like the first day -- well, yesterday I was tracking to do that, but thank goodness I made a couple birdies on my last two holes, 8 and 9, to finish the round.

It's probably been a while. I would have to think back through. It's like uncharacteristic that you see nine pars in a row, but on a day like today you'll take those nine and walk into the tent with it for sure.

Q. Top 10 right now. How much did last week and Tournament of Champions and the weather there kind of maybe allow you to look back and instill a mindset for this weekend?

Replacename: I think it really helped. One, just kind of getting your first tournament under your belt, knocking a little bit of rust off. Two, just kind of learning. You know, a lot of wind and cold golf is just getting used to it and feeling comfortable in it and staying positive in it.

When I get wind I try to just maintain a really level head, and playing last week and then actually seeing the forecast to be kind of cooler this weekend, I knew that I was going to see some similar situation that we did last week.

So I handled it well today, and see what we can do tomorrow.

Q. Do you remember any days in Mississippi growing up, family pulling you out to the golf course like this or anything?

ALLY EWING: You know, Mississippi is not known for its wind. It's funny, like I'll go home and everybody will say things about windy days and how I learned to hit the ball low or play in wind.

Because we don't have a ton of wind in Mississippi. We have cold days. When you have the windy days, that's when you to figure things out. For some reason I've kind of just learned to cope with the wind and not fight it. Just try to play through it.

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