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September 2, 1993

Lisa Raymond


Q. Did you just have trouble, your forehand especially in the first set, was giving you trouble?

LISA RAYMOND: Yeah. You know, Natasha was hitting her slice real well, and she was pushing me back and I just wasn't moving back in. I wasn't being -- I wasn't moving into the ball. I wasn't stepping inside the baseline like I should.

Q. What do you do to try to adjust that?

LISA RAYMOND: You mean within a match?

Q. Beforehand.

LISA RAYMOND: Within a match?

Q. Yes, right.

LISA RAYMOND: Well, I think what I was trying to do, I think I was trying to do too much with that, with the ball. You know, where I should have just tried to just get more balls back and just try to get a rhythm rather than, you know, trying to hit through it. Just kind of just you know, instead of trying to go for a big shot on the third or fourth ball, you know, go for a big shot on the 8th or 9th. So I just didn't work my way in the way I should have.

Q. Is this all still a learning process this tournament?

LISA RAYMOND: Yeah. I mean, obviously I think that you know I am going to try and learn from this and I think that the more times I get out there and in a big position like that, that was a great opportunity for me. And I didn't take advantage of it. I think that hopefully you know, with more experience and if I get in that position more often, then you know, hopefully, I will be winning those matches and taking more advantage of those opportunities.

Q. After last year, losing to Monica the second round were you counting on getting to the second round at least?

LISA RAYMOND: I wouldn't say counting. But I would say that you know, I certainly thought I was capable of doing it. You know, again like I say, well, I mean Natasha is a good player. I am not saying that you know, I should have definitely beaten her, but I think that that was a great opportunity for me. I think I would have played Zina probably the next round if she wins. You know, hopefully I will just learn from it.

Q. Did she play better today than she did the last time?

LISA RAYMOND: She, you know, this time she really hit her slice real well, and you know, again I think the grass definitely favored me when I played her at Eastbourne. You know, I was very surprised that she was hitting that slice as well as she was. I think that you know, she served a lot better today. At Eastbourne, I had a lot more chances at her second serve than I did today.

Q. How early in this match did you know you were going to have big problems? Right away or middle of the first set or --

LISA RAYMOND: I think when I got down at 4-2 in the first, you know I realized that this was-- I definitely was going to have to pick my game up a level. I knew that she certainly was you know, ready to play today and you know she played well.

Q. Does any of this playing tournament after tournament and being a pro harder than you would have expected especially after Wimbledon when you had --

LISA RAYMOND: It is and it isn't. I think that the only thing that I have to work or kind of that I think I am doing which isn't right, I think I am starting to put a little bit too much pressure on myself. I just got to be more relaxed going out there. And I mean, I wouldn't say it is tougher than I thought, but it is definitely as tough as I thought it was going to be.

Q. Where are you playing soon?

LISA RAYMOND: I go to Japan in the 17th, I think.

Q. Do you always put pressure on yourself or was it after Wimbledon and you thought /*F should have great results?

LISA RAYMOND: I think both. Certainly, you know, expect a lot from myself and I think that you know, I set very high goals for myself and sometimes you know, I put too much pressure on myself to try to achieve those goals too fast. I have to realize that this is going to have to take time. I am not going to -- this isn't going to happen right away. It is definitely going to take time and I am going to have to definitely take my lumps.

Q. Lisa, can you pinpoint where your game is breaking down in these losses?

LISA RAYMOND: It is not really -- I don't think it is a matter of a certain shot or a certain point that my game is breaking down. I just think that I just have to start becoming more a lot mentally tougher out there against these players like Natasha, but you know, there isn't a certain point that you know, every time my game you know, I fall apart so to speak, whatever, so --

Q. How about your shot selection, are you happy with that?

LISA RAYMOND: At times, no. At times, yes. Depends on the player, depends on the day. As far as today, I think that I just definitely went for too much at times.

Q. Could this be a case of you needing to know your opponents better; know how to play the people that you are playing?

LISA RAYMOND: I don't think it is that. I was very prepared going into the match. My coach sat me down and he knows everyone. He watched her play. He gave me a game plan and he told me pretty much you know, all about Natasha. I had already played Natasha, so I pretty much knew what to expect. It is not a matter of not knowing the players. It is just a matter of me executing what I have to do.

Q. In college, was it more everybody just hit as hard as they could and that whereas out here, you see a lot of different shots?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, that is definitely part of it. In college, you know, a lot of times the girls really didn't think out the points as well as these girls do, you know, I think their mentality going into the match is a lot different than say a Natasha or the top players.

Q. Lisa, as confident as you were feeling throughout that whole collegiate season, it is just a couple of matches that can burst that confidence bubble?

LISA RAYMOND: It is a different confidence, definitely. I wouldn't say that my confidence is totally burst, but you know, I am certainly not you know, as confident out here as I was you know, stepping on the court against a college player. In that world, you know, I was the best, every time I stepped on the court, I felt that you know, there wasn't anyone that should beat me. Here, I think that there is a question mark in my mind sometimes when I go out on the court. That is something that I really have to work on. Hopefully, you know, I will gain that confidence that I had in collegiate matches you know, with time and with experience, with more matches.

Q. Were you surprised to be on the grandstand court today?

LISA RAYMOND: A little bit. You know, I think that obviously Natasha, she used to be, you know, I think she got as high as seven or eight at one time. So you know, I think that that is probably one of the reasons why they put her out there, and -- but -- I honestly thought that we would be on 16, 17, tops, I really didn't think that they would put me on grandstand.

Q. You didn't think you would be out there because of you?


Q. Thank you.

End of FastScripts....

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