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January 27, 2022

Bronte Law

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Boca Rio Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Bronte, a bogey-free way to start off 2022. How are you feeling after the first day of Gainbridge?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, good. Really happy the fact that didn't have any bogeys out there. I think it's always nice. It shows that I was committed out there and didn't lose my focus.

Yeah, it's always tough when you've been practicing and playing golf, but not competitive golf, and then you get out there and you've got to make the putts now. Now all of a sudden it's a little different.

So it's definitely nice to not have any bogeys out there and hole a couple of putts. Had a lot of chances that just slid by, but really happy overall with the chances I created because I'm hoping I can carry that to tomorrow.

Q. A couple birdies on the front there and then eight pars to close it out after the birdie on 10. Is it easier for you do you think on this front nine as compared to the back nine? What was the difference maker?

BRONTE LAW: No. My putts just went in, which I probably had even more chances on the back nine. Just couple putts kind of just bobbled here and there. These greens are quite soft right now and obviously guessing later on in the day today they're going to be struggling with that even more so.

But, yeah, they're great greens, and you hit a good putt and put a good roll on it, and there is a good chance you'll make your putt.

Q. I know you're quite the competitor like you said. What did you do during the off-season to keep the drive going?

BRONTE LAW: A lot of workouts. Have this run that I do in Barbados. Spend the whole off-season in Barbados. It's a mile up, a mile across, a mile down and a mile back, and the mile up is straight up. It's just a challenge to just get to the top.

You know, I think that golf ultimately comes down to mental strength, and for me, pushing myself in that way is kind of the best thing that I can do. When you stand over a golf ball, all of a sudden feels a lot easier than when I think about running up that hill.

Q. You had a win towards the end of the year on the LET. Being able to go to Barbados and relax and put that work in, did you approach this off-season differently as opposed to other years?

BRONTE LAW: Yeah, I felt like I had full control over my preparation, which was really nice. I felt like I was in a good headspace, you know, could really kind of analyze the areas I wanted to improve on and I was able to work on those.

Hopefully just continue to kind of be in that good headspace and be able to continue to work on those things as the season goes on.

But, yeah, as far as first day back at school kind of goes, yeah, I'm pretty happy.

Q. Why Barbados?

BRONTE LAW: Why not?

Q. I love that. What do you like most about this golf club?

BRONTE LAW: I think it's a great golf course. I think it's challenging. It requires good iron play. But, yeah, I think any golf course that demands good shots and is rewarded for good golf shots is a good golf course, and this one is certainly one of those.

Q. As I said earlier, you had that win at the end of last year. Did you make any New Year's resolutions heading into this year?

BRONTE LAW: Well, you know, it's easy to say. Everyone says they want to win and whatever. Like obviously I want to do that.

But for a period of time last year and the year before I didn't enjoy golf. Now I'm actually enjoying it again and I want to be out there. For me, I just want to maintain that throughout the year. You know, not put too much pressure on myself, because ultimately I feel like anyone out there can agree, when there is no pressure on you, things are a lot easier.

So unfortunately I am my biggest critic, so when I'm nice to myself, then things are going to run a lot smoother. I don't really care what other people say.

But I'm harsh on myself, so my goal this year was basically to be a bit kinder to myself, recognize the good and not so much think about the bad stuff.

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