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January 27, 2022

Pablo Larrazabal

Dubaii, UAE

Emirates Golf Club

Quick Quotes

Q. Nice way to start the week with a 67. Give us your assessment of how things went for you?

PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Yeah, actually I didn't feel good at the start of the week but I played nine holes yesterday, nine holes on Tuesday and I start feeling, you know, ready to go after we play yesterday. We did a good session of practice, and today we have, you know, one of those days. Very confident with my driver and making a few putts here and a few putts there.

Q. All new greens this year in the Slync.io Dubai Desert Classic. How is the ball rolling and reacting?

PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Well, this is my 14th time that I play around here and these greens, they never treat me properly. So I'm glad they change the greens, and they run perfect. Obviously they are new, so the ball is bouncing a little too much.

But the job they did making some new pin positions, the way they shaped those greens now, they are much better, and I'm glad they did it, and I have to congratulate them.

Q. You're a man with history in this part of the world, winning in Abu Dhabi a few years back. What is it about the Middle East that suits your eye?

PABLO LARRAZÁBAL: Well, what are you wearing? You're wearing a shirt. You're not wearing a jacket. That's it. I play good with a shirt on. I don't like to wear jackets and all that stuff we wear in your part of the world.

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