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September 1, 1998

Lisa Raymond

Flushing Meadows, New York

Q. Got on her second serve fairly well today?

LISA RAYMOND: My whole game plan, just in general, was to be real aggressive. Just try and come in her second serve was just sitting there. So it was a great opportunity for me to come to the net right off the bat.

Q. You were confident coming into this?

LISA RAYMOND: Into the match?

Q. Yeah.

LISA RAYMOND: Pretty confident. I have beaten here already once this year, but, you know, I think any time you play in the first round of the Grand Slam, it is a whole different situation; so many more nerves, it's completely different from any other tournament. I felt good. I had beaten her already, but it is a whole different tournament out there.

Q. Did you pick up a little bit more momentum?

LISA RAYMOND: The early break was key for me. The nerves kind of went away pretty early, which was good. I was able to work my way into the match really early.

Q. How do you feel you've been playing recently, Lisa?

LISA RAYMOND: Pretty well. I've had a kind of up-and-down summer, but I've had some tough draws. I've been working hard coming into New York, and I think playing her was a good first round for me. She made me work hard and hopefully get me more ready for my next match.

Q. The breakthroughs that Davenport and Novotna have had; do they give you any inspiration at all?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, I think kind of comparing both of them, they are very different. I think Lindsay, her breakthrough is a lot more physical than anything else. She has dropped a lot of weight. She has gotten in great shape, so she can stay out there a lot longer than she used to be. For Jana, it was mental. It is a great inspiration because she is having her best couple of years in her later years. I just turned 25, that's a veteran today. Hopefully I can be like her and have my best years ahead of me.

Q. Do you feel a breakthrough for you would be a mental breakthrough?

LISA RAYMOND: Not necessarily because hopefully even though I've gotten older now, I am just kind of coming into my game -- and again, my style is a lot different. It is more similar to Jana then to someone like Lindsay. Me and Jana, we like to come in and set the point up and serve and volley, so it takes a lot longer I think for our style to kind of come together.

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