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January 25, 2022

Jaye Marie Green

Boca Raton, Florida, USA

Boca Rio Golf Club

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: All right, welcome back inside the virtual interview room of the Gainbridge LPGA at Boca Rio. I am pleased to be joined by the local legend herself, Jaye Marie Green. Jaye, welcome back to Boca.

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Thank you. Thanks for calling me a legend.

Q. What's it is like to be able to bring this tournament back to Boca Rio? I remember back in 2020 how excited you were for this community to host this event. What's it like to be back?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: It's so cool just being around where I grew up yeah, like right outside the gates. These are my stomping rounds.

And just being able to tell the girls like good restaurants to go to and just it's a cool to have such a good support system, and they're all here, so it's cool.

Q. This club seems to gravitate towards supporting the LPGA as well. After 2020 did you know that as well? Did you really feel that in 2020, the tournament there?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, yeah, it was awesome. Like just seeing so many people out and knowing every face, too. I'm like, Oh, my gosh, I know almost everyone here. It's really special, and it's different playing in front of a home crowd. It has its advantages and disadvantages. It's really cool.

Q. I think one of the things you said to me back in 2020 was I think I asked the tournament for 100 tickets. Is it like that this year?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah. Yep. Yeah. I didn't really count it up, but it will probably be around that.

Q. Who are you most excited to have come out and watch you, especially now that your friends can probably just drive right in?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: My brother for sure, because he caddied for me for so long. Makes me want to cry because he hasn't been out to a tournament in a while.

So I'm so excited. He'll be out on Friday, and I can't wait to have him come out.

Q. That's wonderful.


Q. I know this is opening season here for 2022, but what's it like for you to be back on tour again?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, it's crazy because I was thinking like what was the season opener before, and it was Bahamas and it was like such a chill vibe. Now it's like I get to feel that same way. I'm in my own house. I got my dogs.

It's cool because I put in a lot of hard work this off-season, and to be able to be around all the people I love and support me, to have them here and them know how hard I work, it's just a great way to start the year.

Q. What was the work you focused on in the off-season?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Putting, definitely putting. I always kind of felt like that was my I guess you could say Achilles' heel. I will be streaky, so my goal is to become more consistent putter this year.

So that's all I pretty much worked on.

Q. And you've been playing with some Hall of Famers as well. Just talking with who we just had in here, Karrie; you've been practicing lately.

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, we played together last week. We played with her and Marina Alex and Beth Daniel and it was a great time. Unbelievable just how good they are.

Q. What happened on No. 16?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Of course, we're three down with three to go, and classic Karrie Webb holes out from about 100 yards to close us out, that was great. Like what else do you expect from a Hall of Famer?

Q. Did you approach this off-season differently than maybe past off-seasons? I know you just said working on putting, but did you do anything else different?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: I think the main thing is my mindset I've changed. I used to always set goals each year, probably big ones, like, Okay, I want to get my first win, I want this amount of Top 10s.

Instead this year I really set more small, attainable goals where it's like, Okay, what are the things that I'm going to do to get me to those goals? And that's like putting in the work on putting, doing exercising so I'm not fatigued by round four like I always am.

Stuff like that, those are things I can I know I can check the boxes off every day. Now I feel like those goals will happen because I did the small goals.

Q. I know a while ago the accident that you had kind of really changed your mindset and made you appreciate golf even more a little bit when you were able to come back from that. Did that help when you reformatted your mindset for this coming season?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: I wish I could say yes, but when you go through a hard time and you're out of it, you just expect everything to be great.

I think the difference is I haven't really had an off-season where I've been 100% healthy. I was thinking back, and like I've been in the hospital like almost every year for four years to a row. Never really had a good off-season to really practice and do the things I want to do; this year I did.

It's nice to actually go into a season feeling prepared. It's something I'm not used to.

Q. Is it a different Jaye out here maybe compared to 2020?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: I think so. Just mentally. It's funny, because this is my ninth year now. It's like my brain is completely different I would say.

Q. Still have your dad out there, though, your dad following you around.

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, yeah. Yeah, of course. He's the best. I have my dad and trainer out today, and it's fun just having the support, and if I have a question here or there, they help me out.

Q. You've obviously been on this course, you know this course. How are you feeling as you head into this week?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: I feel pretty good. It's funny how I feel like a lot of professional golfers and people in general could relate, when things feel good you're wanting to find something wrong. It's like I feel like humans aren't satisfied with everything being good. We're always used to something being wrong.

So that's the main thing I'm working on this week, just trust that you've put in the work. Nothing is that wrong. Just go out and play your heart out.

Q. What have you noticed about the course? Are there any changes since the last time you played here in competition?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: I would say it's a little softer this year. Two years ago it was firmer. But it's crazy. It's only Tuesday. The courses change so much as the week goes on. It's great. Looks in great shape.

I'm really excited.

Q. You got emotional about your brother there and talked a bit about your dad, and I know they were important caddies for you in the past. Can you just talk about the journey of finding a caddie now or that can help you emotionally and with your game on the course? I know it's hard to replace family members to know you that well, but I know that must have been a big part of your journey to where you are now.

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Oh, definitely. I feel like a lot of times people don't realize just how big caddies are, especially when it's been your family member for my entire time out on tour, and having my brother the last four years and then him not being able to caddie.

I found Jack Clark. I love him to death. We worked hard together all last year, and last year was really tough for me honestly. When you're traveling with your sibling who I like is my twin, it's hard now traveling on your own, not having someone who really gets you.

Whereas now it's cool like getting to know Jack. No one is going to replace my brother, but I feel like I have such a good caddie-work relationship where I feel free, and he was really great in those times where he could tell I missed my brother or got lonely on the road.

Because I've never traveled by myself until last year. He's been great and our relationship is awesome. I feel very lucky and blessed that I found Jack so quick.

Q. His significant other also has quite the history here and Madelene winning in 2020?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Exactly. Yep, my caddie -- or should I say -- which way is the better way? Madelene Sagstrom's boyfriend is my caddie, or my caddie is Madelene Sagstrom's boyfriend? (Laughter.)

Yeah, no, they're the power couple. I love them. They're great. Madelene is a great person, and being able to hang out with her and see her just crush it out here has been really cool.

THE MODERATOR: We'll wrap it up with this: First two events. How nice is it knowing that you're quite comfortable out here and that the first two events is something you're used to?

JAYE MARIE GREEN: Yeah, that is almost the thing. I'm almost like, Am I too relaxed? Because I'm at home sleeping in my own bed it's kind of hard. I got really make sure I get done the things I need to get done, because I'm going to go home and I'm with my dogs. Oh, wait, I got to go play in the pro-am tomorrow.

But that's what's cool. I have more like healthy distractions here so it's not all golf, golf, golf. It being in Florida, it's my place. I love Florida.

THE MODERATOR: Like you said, your stomping grounds.


THE MODERATOR: Thank you for coming in and talking with us this week.


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