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September 11, 2005

Lisa Raymond

Samantha Stosur


THE MODERATOR: Questions for the champions.

Q. Congratulations.

LISA RAYMOND: Thank you.


Q. Lisa, officially the choice of Sam as a doubles partner worked out well. What did you kind of see in her that you thought would make it a good team?

LISA RAYMOND: Well, I think I saw in her what a lot of people are seeing and have seen in her: You know, she's just a total raw talent. I mean, she's young and she's got a very, very bright future ahead of her. You know, I played doubles against her before and, you know, I knew that she was talented and whatnot. You know, I just thought that it could be a good partnership, you know. With my experience, you know, maybe I could, you know, somehow help her out a little bit as far as, you know, becoming maybe a more experienced doubles player, I guess you could say. You know, I mean, she's proven it, you know, the past few weeks. I mean, she's improved so much just in, you know, the last month that we've played together, and she's only going to get better.

Q. Is it two tournaments you played together?

LISA RAYMOND: I'm sorry?

Q. Was that two tournaments?

LISA RAYMOND: No, we've played, what, five?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: This is the fifth one.

LISA RAYMOND: This is the fifth. The first couple, we didn't do very well in. You know, it's taken us a couple weeks. It took us a couple weeks to get on track. Then we started working with somebody and, you know, she's made a huge difference for both of us. You know, was just a matter of time of us getting used to each other, getting comfortable, relaxing a little bit. You know, the rest is kind of history, the past three weeks.

Q. Sam, very good Grand Slam year for you in doubles.

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, it's been great (smiling).

Q. I mean, are you likely to play with Lisa in Australia or through the rest of the year and then in Australia?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Yeah, well, I think we should. We've had, obviously, what Lisa said, the first few weeks were pretty hard. We didn't do too well. Then the last three weeks it's been fantastic. So, yeah, I'm looking forward to the rest of the year and hopefully next year.

Q. Could you talk us through the process of losing the second set and holding tough in the third.

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Well, I mean, I think everyone that was watching probably knew that I got a bit nervous and tight and started missing some balls. And, yeah, that's kind of -- I mean, they did play a lot better. They got some more balls back, and hit some more winners and stuff like that. But I don't know. I think it was just good that even though we lost the set, we calmed -- well, I calmed down and kind of pulled myself back together. Then we played those tight few games at the start. Then once we got that break, then I kind of felt a lot better and could just kind of swing out a bit more and play the way I was playing at the start.

Q. Nice to serve it out?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Oh, definitely, yeah. It was great to serve it out.

Q. How much confidence will this give you in regards to helping your singles career?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Oh, well, I think, you know, no matter what you're doing well in singles, doubles or mixed, it's great for your confidence. Just to play these matches and be in situations like we were in today -- I mean, obviously, I want to get my singles going better as well. But, I mean, this is great for me, and I think it's only going to help.

Q. Sam, is Beijing your next tournament?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: No. I'm going to Europe. Luxembourg.

Q. Firstly, where are you going to play, and how much will you play with Lisa?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Well, I'm playing I think it's five or six tournaments through Europe, the whole European indoors. I think Lisa is coming to pretty much all of those.

LISA RAYMOND: (Nodding).

Q. Are you treating your singles and doubles on an equal sort of level?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Well, I mean, yeah. Obviously, for me, probably singles is my priority and I want to be in as many draws and doing well in as many of those tournaments as possible. But, I mean, doubles pretty much is just as important. Every time I'm on the court, I want to win no matter what it is, singles or doubles.

Q. Nice paycheck, too, isn't it?


Q. What are you going to do with that?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Who knows (laughing)?

Q. Go shopping or something?

SAMANTHA STOSUR: Probably (smiling).

End of FastScriptsâ?¦.

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