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January 16, 2022

Seamus Power

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Quick Quotes

Q. You kind of started off the week making a lot of bombs, but weren't really hitting it that close. Just kind of what did you make of your iron play this week?

SEAMUS POWER: It was funny, it was kind of up and down. It was poor today. I was a bit disappointed with it, but the putter kind of got hot, so it's interesting. I mean, that's golf sometimes, isn't it?

I said to Tim there like yesterday I feel like I didn't miss a shot and couldn't quite get putts going until the end, and today I made nice putts on 1, 2, 4, I don't know, a few others in there, too, so it kind of kept me going.

I feel like I balanced it out. Obviously I 0wasn't able to get it going enough today to keep up with some of the guys there, but overall good week.

Q. Playing in the final few groups couple times this week. How much more comfortable are you getting to do that?

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, it's a lot better. Simon and I were talking about it on the course. Georgia in the fall was the first time I played in the last group on a Sunday, so that was kind of cool.

Second to the last group today, so you 0definitely do get used to it. There were huge crowds behind us following Hideki, so it takes some getting used to. You kind of got to wait for the crowd to stop and go and that stuff.

But, yeah, that's a problem I'll happily learn to deal with.

Q. 10 and 11, just take me through that stretch and what kind of a turning point that was.

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, it was disappointing. I birdied 9. I obviously almost eagled 9 and hit a good tee shot off 10. A little funny lie in the fairway and I probably tried to hit the wrong shot and hit it heavy. Got a good up and down for par actually, but hit another poor iron shot on 11 and made bogey.

I felt like that took me out of contention to win it. I was able to get it turned around. Made three birdies in the last seven holes to turn it back around a little bit, so I was kind of proud of that one.

Yeah, just one of those stretches that didn't go my way.

Q. Week like this you're going to see a jump in your FedExCup standings and your World Golf Ranking. Just talk about when that happens so early in the season, how does that position help you out?

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, it's great. You know, I don't know how many points or anything I'll get. I think I'll have probably my spot in the playoffs locked up after this week. That's a nice one. It's by far the earliest I've ever had it locked up before so it's kind of new territory for me.

Yeah, the goal is to be in East Lake at the end of the year for the TOUR Championship, FedExCup Playoffs. That goal doesn't change after this week. It's just kind of just adds a couple points to my total, but a long ways to go.

Q. You head to the American Express next week, a place you've had success: Two Top 25s in three starts. Just talk about next week and how excited you are to get to a place you're comfortable?

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, I really enjoy playing there. Anyone who has been to Palm Springs in the winter, it's beautiful. The grass is greener. Normally it's perfect conditions. I mean La Quinta Country Club to me is the best condition course I think I've seen. It's incredible.

I really enjoy putting there. Yeah, as you said, a couple decent finishes there. Haven't played for a couple years, so hopefully I can get it rolling again once I get back there.

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