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January 28, 2004

Lisa Raymond


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Lisa, please.

Q. What went through your mind 6-5 in the first set?

LISA RAYMOND: You know, to be honest, you know, I didn't really feel comfortable the whole match really. Even when I was up 6-5, you know, it was unfortunate I was on that side with the sun. You know, I mean, I didn't get enough first serves in. You know, Patty played a decent game. You know, I just played a very, very loose game. You know, I had fought so hard to try and get the break, and to just give it right back to her was disappointing.

Q. Was that something that was really difficult to get out of your mind once you hit the tiebreaker?

LISA RAYMOND: You mean, just losing it?

Q. Serving for the set.

LISA RAYMOND: Yeah, I mean, it was. Again, you know, she just -- she plays me well. You know, her game really matches up well against me. You know, it was a battle from the beginning of the match. And, again, like I never really felt comfortable playing. You know, I never felt like I could really hit my forehand because of the whole, you know, with the lefty. You know, she's a very crafty player. You know, she just hits that junk to my backhand, and there's just really nothing that I can really do sometimes. You know, to finally get in a position to serve for the set and to lose it was definitely disappointing. So I maybe let that affect me a little bit at the beginning. But, you know, again I was up in that game that I lost to get broken.

Q. Do you feel you went for your shots when you were down or under pressure? Do you feel good about that?

LISA RAYMOND: You know, again, I think I made way too many unforced errors today. You know, again, I wasn't real comfortable with her ball, you know, the trajectory of it, playing a lefty. I played a lefty earlier in the tournament, no offense to Barna, but it's a different caliber of lefty to play Patty Schnyder. That's how she wins matches. Especially against a one-hander, it never really allowed me, I couldn't really hit my second serves, I couldn't really attack my forehand, you know, because the ball, it's just such a different ball, you know, playing against her, her ball as opposed to a righty. To answer your question, did I go for my shots, not really. I wasn't as comfortable going for them today.

Q. Did you allow it to creep into your mind, thinking about the occasion, the chance to get into a semifinal?

LISA RAYMOND: Yes. You know, I don't think that, you know, I've been this disappointed, you know, losing a match. You know, I really, really thought that I had a good shot of really having a breakthrough here. You know, she's in the same position, though. It was a huge opportunity for her. You know, she maybe handled it a little better than I did.

Q. Overall, the occasion of having got through to the quarterfinal, do you think that will give you the confidence going into the rest of the year?

LISA RAYMOND: Yeah, I mean, again it's a great way to start the year for me. Again, you know, it's a great tournament. Is it necessarily a breakthrough? No. A breakthrough to me would be, you know, to have gotten to the semis or to the finals here. But, you know, I played some great tennis here, and I feel good about, you know, starting the year the way I have.

Q. Is Patty Schnyder probably the only player who troubles your game so much, her kind of play?

LISA RAYMOND: Again, you know, it's tricky playing a lefty. And she -- for me, I don't match up against a lefty that hits as much spin as she does because of the one-handed backhand. You know, maybe if I had Lindsay's height and Lindsay's two-handed backhand, that's different. But for me, you know, it's difficult. You know, she pulls me off the court really well with it, and she serves well, doesn't give me a shot to really hit my forehand and come in. She's definitely a player that I struggle with.

Q. The last time you lost to her was in the '90s. Now she seems back on track. How do you see her level of play?

LISA RAYMOND: Again, obviously she's playing very well. And she's always dangerous. I mean, there for a while she didn't have the results. You know, I think she went through some personal issues. But, you know, I mean, she's always dangerous to play. You know, she's been in the Top 10. Anyone who's won big tournaments, been in the Top 10, been there, I think they know how to win. I mean, they dig deep sometimes and they pull from that. You know, I know there was her first semifinal, but she's an experienced player. I mean, you know, again, she's been there before. It's not like all of a sudden she's, you know, playing great tennis. I mean, I think one year she won something like, you know, 10 tournaments or something. You know. That's the type of style. She's just a confident player.

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