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January 13, 2022

David Goffin

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Press Conference

A. MURRAY/D. Goffin

6-2, [Ret.]

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Can you just maybe explain what happened?

DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, I started to feel my knee at the end of the match yesterday, and it wasn't too bad. I managed to finish the match, and then I was worried -- I wasn't worried at all because it was warm. Then during the night and in the morning, I started to feel it a little bit, my left knee, and I made some treatments before the match.

I was scared during the match, like because my knee was bothering me for a long time now, and it was a little bit something new coming in my knee. So I was like very worried and didn't dare to go on the knee to do some full step.

That's why it doesn't make sense to continue. If you're worried, you don't dare to go, don't dare to run, then it's impossible to play, it's in your head.

So I don't know what it is for the moment, but doesn't look too bad. We try to make some scan to make sure everything is right and try to rest a few days and take confidence on court again and in the gym and try to be ready for next week.

Q. It's the same knee that's been the problem, is it?

DAVID GOFFIN: Yeah, yeah. Same knee but it's not the same feeling. It's not the same pain, so it's something different. But hopefully it's just, you know, a bad movement that I did yesterday, and if it's -- yeah, few days when I calm down a little bit and try to keep contact with the ball and hopefully I will be ready for next week.

Q. Which was what I was going to ask you, are you worried for the Australian Open?

DAVID GOFFIN: For the moment, no. It's just that today I was worried on the court, and when you don't know and you don't dare to go, then it doesn't make sense to continue.

Now I spoke with the physio and the doctor a little bit. It doesn't look too bad. I will make more exams tomorrow, and we see, but what they saw and after the first checkup, it doesn't look too bad. So should be okay for the moment, so I'm not worried for the moment, but hopefully it stays like this.

Q. What will you do? Are you saying you're going to rest for a little bit, for a few days. What other treatment do you think you will need or should do?

DAVID GOFFIN: I don't know. First of all, tomorrow morning I do the exam and then we see what you can do. If it's nothing serious, try to, with the physio, to release all the area, the knee, the muscles and everything, try to make it like very, I mean, without pain and, yeah, painfree.

We will work on it, everything. We will do everything we can and every day try to slow down a little bit the practice, like I said, keep the contact maybe with the ball, not go 100% the first day and we see. We see.

I have a few days to be ready on another Grand Slam, so let's hope I will be ready.

Q. Have you seen the Australian Open draw? Have you heard?


Q. What do you think about your draw with Dan Evans?

DAVID GOFFIN: Oh, it's not an easy draw, of course. When you're not seeded, you can have top players in first round. But it's a good match. It's a good match.

Dan Evans, amazing player, very talented. You know how he plays with a good slice backhand and very offensive. So it's going to be a good match. I think it's a good first round. It's going to be a lot of rallies, going to be some nice shots, so it's good. It's a good matchup, and we will see what we can do for the first round, but of course it's never easy, but there is just no easy match.

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