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January 3, 2022

Gael Monfils

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: How do you feel about being in Adelaide? How do you feel coming in? Obviously you had some injuries towards the ends of last year. How is the body holding up?

GAEL MONFILS: So far so good. Adelaide, it's been a while I haven't come back here. I have great memories here. I remember practicing with Roger Rasheed or playing the tournament.

I feel great. Felt like I had a great off-season. Can't wait to be back on the court and have a fresh new year coming up.

THE MODERATOR: Have you done anything differently to prepare yourself?

GAEL MONFILS: Not much. Been in training camp with my coaches. Just work hard and be ready for Adelaide.

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. The mandatory vaccinations is a big topic, a big change for the playing group. Are you aware of the models at other tournaments this year?

GAEL MONFILS: To be honest, I am not a big follower about all the rules. It's always changing. I just adapt myself.

I think my agent always keep me post what I have to do, whatever I have to do.

Q. Would you personally have any problem if you had to play against someone who has been granted a medical exemption?

GAEL MONFILS: It's a great question, to be honest. At the end it is what it is.

THE MODERATOR: Have you looked at the tournament schedule? You do have a bye. Will you be watching any games or you do your own thing?

GAEL MONFILS: I will watch my wife. I think she's playing tomorrow. That's the thing I'm going to do. Then I'm going to keep practicing.

THE MODERATOR: Have you looked at the schedule of who you'll be playing next?


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