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January 10, 2022

Zamir White

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Lucas Oil Stadium

Georgia Bulldogs

Postgame Press Conference

Georgia 33, Alabama 18

Q. Obviously you guys kind of carried the load tonight on that last drive and then Stetson made that play. What was that moment before the -- before you broke huddle. Was there some confidence that you guys could move the ball this late in the game on a gassed Alabama defense?

ZAMIR WHITE: Yes, sir, like my mindset was just to keep on grinding and just keep on chopping, just trusting my linemen, and yeah, just keep on chopping and keep on running my feet. That's it really.

Q. Y'all have the ball with seven and a half minutes left or whatever it was, the game is on your shoulders, you can close it out with that touchdown. How much did you enjoy that moment of the game is on our shoulders, we've got a chance to go shut this thing down?

ZAMIR WHITE: I personally feel like we was built for it, like camp and just like the workouts we've been through and just all the things like we're just grinding for, just everything. Like the workouts, like camp, we really worked for this. Yeah, man, that's about it.

Q. Zamir, you came to Georgia a highly ranked guy, came out of the gate dealing with those ACL injuries. I guess just to see everything culminate into this moment, given the path that you've taken to get here, what's the feeling like, and reflecting on your journey, how does it feel to see it in this way?

ZAMIR WHITE: Oh, man. Shoot, man. I would say just blessed, man. Just blessed with my teammates, my coaches, and just being here at this great school, at this great team. I'm just blessed to be here, man. I just want to thank my family, my mother. That's about it.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Jalen Carter. What's your confidence level when you're running behind him on the goal line? What's it say about him that he's able to block field goals and play in your goal line package?

ZAMIR WHITE: Man, he's a -- like a tree trunk. He don't move. The guy is a stud. Huge guy, smart guy, nice guy, and he's just a great person and a great player.

Q. Can I ask you to identify when the clock hit zero, the celebration, what stands out when you think back? What moment to you stands out during your celebration?

ZAMIR WHITE: The one thing that stood out to me was Stetson. Like just seeing him like just have all this pressure on him, all the crowd noise and him going through that and fighting it out and just seeing him just cry, just tears of joy, man.

It was really priceless, man, like just seeing him and just seeing all of my teammates just happy and crying. Yeah, like it was all great. I loved it.

Q. If you guys could go back to that fumble and just kind of what was going through your mind as that replay was going on and just how much of a pivotal point in the game you thought the game might be, that call might be at that point?

ZAMIR WHITE: I feel like we just stayed to grinding. Like we just -- like I said, we just stayed grinding and just trusted the process and just knew that we was just going to do what we do best and just come back from it and just keep on fighting. That's it.

Q. After James breaks, I think it was a 67-yard run to set up the first touchdown, what's your mindset at that point after you're finally in the red zone? You just had a big run break, what's your mindset on the field there once you have that 1st and goal right before scoring the touchdown?

ZAMIR WHITE: Cook, man. Cook scored. That's it really. Like we've got to score. We're down here, like, hey, man, we've got to get in there. But we needed points. We've got to get on the board. Man, that's it.

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