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January 10, 2022

Travon Walker

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Lucas Oil Stadium

Georgia Bulldogs

Postgame Press Conference

Georgia 33, Alabama 18

Q. Is there any extra significance to this win given it is against Alabama, a team that has so often been a thorn in you guys' side? Obviously you can't top winning a National Championship, but what does the fact that you beat Alabama in this situation mean to this team?

TRAVON WALKER: It's just the fact that we won the National Championship, we beat Alabama, and we really did it for all the people who doubted us. We worked all year for this. We knew how good we were. We just had to prove everybody else.

But it really didn't matter what everybody else said because we always came to work. We knew how hard we worked.

Q. Just what you can say about this team and just what this environment has been like in this locker room this season, and then secondly, what you would want to say to the last team that won a championship at Georgia, how you would want to honor them.

TRAVON WALKER: This team right here I can personally say this is probably one of the most -- I'd have to say it's one of the most well-bonded teams that I ever played on throughout my whole sports career. Something that I'd say to the old National Championship team, shoot, I really don't even know. I'd have to say just go Dawgs. It's legendary. It's history in the making.

Q. I don't know how much interaction you have with Stetson on a day-to-day basis given that you're on opposite sides of the ball, but when you're seeing someone like him who really seems like he's the toughest critic on himself of anyone on the team, and I don't know how much you guys pay attention to the criticism and how often people are questioning what he's doing, but how cool is it to see him go out and have a game like he did today and just really fight back even from the mistakes and help you guys get to this mountain top.

TRAVON WALKER: Just all the adversity that Stetson has fought throughout his whole college career to then lead his team to a National Championship, that's pretty good. So I just want to say congratulations to Stetson. You really did your thing, kept your head down, you didn't listen to what the outside said, and we did it.

Q. Could you take us through your emotions on the defensive touchdown by Kelee Ringo? Obviously this is a defense a lot have called historic, and to cap it off with a touchdown to basically clinch the National Championship.

TRAVON WALKER: I just want to say to Kelee, Man, that was a heck of a play. There was a lot of people that doubted him and had a lot to say about him. Also, he's just a young player. He's grew up a lot, and he showed up in a big time game when he really needed to and closed out things.

Q. You take the field with a one-point lead with eight minutes left on defense. What goes through your mind in that moment knowing the game is kind of on your shoulders at that point? And then to force a three-and-out, what was the mood when you came off the field?

TRAVON WALKER: At that point, everybody was just like, Stay composed, and we knew we had to put the team on our back at that time and just stay grounded and keep going, because we knew what we came here for. We just had to stay down and put the team on our back.

Q. Kirby was talking about some of the guys from the 2017 team that were here tonight to kind of be able to enjoy this with you, and obviously they didn't get a chance to celebrate like that. How long do you think -- obviously you guys don't think it's going to be another 40 plus years for Georgia to win another one. What is this program built to do after winning this one now and going forward?

TRAVON WALKER: This is a great program. We have some great coaches. The future holds a lot of great things for this team, and I'm ready to see it and ready to experience it.

Q. I was wondering if you could tell us what stands out to you about the celebration, when the clock hit zero and through the whole celebration, if there's one moment that you think stands out to you right now.

TRAVON WALKER: That moment right now, that's a lifetime experiencing moment for me, for all my teammates, my family who was here. It just really meant a lot to be on this big old stage making plays and having my team win a National Championship and made history for the University of Georgia. It really meant something to me as a Georgia kid and just growing up a Georgia fan. It was really exciting.

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