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January 5, 2022

Samantha Stosur

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Press Conference

L. ZHU/S. Stosur

7-6(5), 7-6(5)

Q. It was a really tough match out there today; how are you feeling after the game?

SAM STOSUR: Yeah, I feel totally fine physically. I had a few issues going off my neck out there, but hopefully that goes away.

Yeah, look, I thought I played pretty well. I obviously had a set point in the first set, served for the second set, so can't get much closer than that.

Yeah, obviously disappointed not to be able to play again this week, but all in all, it was, yeah, pretty good.

Q. You mentioned a little bit about your thoughts on the match. What were you trying to achieve out there today? Obviously the Australian Open is still very much the main goal this summer.

SAM STOSUR: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, like it is for everyone, this week you obviously want to do well and try and play as many matches as you can, but ultimately it's in preparation for the Aussie Open.

I think for me, yeah, my goal going into today was, one, just to play well, be happy with how I played, compete, run for every ball and give it a shot. I think I was able to do that today. Walking off the court playing how I did, I'm happy. There's always elements of disappointment and think, I missed that one or that happened. Always going to be tough on yourself for little bits and pieces that you feel like you can do better.

Yeah, look, 6 and 6 against someone who's won two matches this year already, I'm pretty happy with that. But like I said, there's always that little bit of -- you want that little bit more.

Q. Just wondering how you're feeling emotionally at the moment knowing this is your last sort of singles campaign. Are you taking everything in a little bit deeper? Is there that sense of wistfulness at the moment on top of what you usually feel when you're competing?

SAM STOSUR: Yeah, I think today tried to keep it kind of light. There were a couple of interesting rallies that I managed to get the better of and hit a couple of interesting shots, and I had a smile, had a laugh, and sometimes when you're really in the moment, that's kind of hard to do. But yeah, just trying to enjoy my time out there.

I did not realize they were using Rod Laver Arena this week until yesterday, so to actually get scheduled on there today was amazing. So it's another chance to get out there on one of the best courts in the world. Had a good time out there, and yeah, mostly just trying to give it everything I've got for these last few weeks.

Q. I wanted to ask you about Djokovic. He obviously got the exemption to play in the Australian Open today. I know you've been asked about his situation, but are you surprised he was able to get the exemption, and what have you made of the reaction overall to that today?

SAM STOSUR: Yeah, I think as far as the exemption goes, I don't obviously have any idea what the exemption is for, what it was. I know I don't think it comes down to the tennis circles and the Australian Open deciding those, it's the government. So whatever application has been sent in, they've obviously given it the okay.

But yeah, it's obviously a pretty heated topic at the moment, and hopefully it's all fine in the long run.

Q. In regards to Priscilla Hon, I'd love to get your perspective on her. She's obviously competing for that last wildcard spot at the Open. She's had a rough injury trot. Terrific win the other night. What do you make of her as a player and where do you see her heading in the future?

SAM STOSUR: Yeah, I've obviously known Pri for a little while. I think she's been one of those players where she's got every shot in the book. She's got good groundies, good serve, she can move, and I think sometimes the bit of lack of discipline, I guess, still early on in her career, I kind of feel like she's already like 28, but she's still early 20s, so little things like that, she'll start to get better with.

Winning matches like she did the other night against Petra, that's only going to increase her confidence. She can't make silly mistakes against a player like that.

I think her being able to put her whole game together is obviously what's going to make her better and better and better in the future. Yeah, I've always thought she's had good talent and everything else, so it's wonderful to see that sort of match happen the other night.

Now, I'm not sure who she plays next, but yeah, hopefully she can kick on from there and not just have one good one and now it's a matter of building and building and building and hopefully her injuries are now all okay. It seems to all be fine. Yeah, physically if she's good, then hopefully everything else can kind of continue.

Q. Azarenka up next.

SAM STOSUR: Well, it doesn't get much easier. I mean, that's going to be a real test.

Yeah, look, again, like any scenario, I think as long as you go out there and you compete, you do the right things, you try and play well and you give it everything, that's all you can ask for. But yeah, someone like Pri, early on in her career, like I said, she can only get better.

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