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December 30, 2021

Roberto Bautista Agut

Pablo Carreno Busta

Pedro Martinez

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Spain

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to Team Spain for our first Media Day press conference. Let's start with Roberto. Please give us your impression on your arrival in Sydney and how the practice has been going.

ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Well, it's our second day of practice. Still some partners or players from the team didn't arrive yet. Well, I think we have a very complete team. We are all good players, and the practice has been good.

The courts and the conditions I feel are a bit faster than in Spain now, because we are in the winter, but we have time enough to adjust to the conditions and start well on Saturday.

Q. Roberto, you have had the experience of playing No. 2 singles and No. 1 singles at ATP Cup. Can you talk about the difference of playing in both positions?

ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Well, normally it's a little bit different, no? When I played as No. 1, I used to play against top-10 players, and when I played as a second player, my opponents were not the same level, no?

I think we have to be very focused in our three points. Every point is 33%. And in my case I feel well, I feel I practicing well, I did a great job at home. I think I can play a good ATP Cup.

Q. Pablo, you're one of the strongest No. 2s at the tournament. Having a deep team is important here. Can you speak about the importance of being a strong No. 2 player?

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: In this competition there are three points, it's very important to have good team, not just a good No. 1. I think that in this case Spain has a very good team, good No. 1, Roberto, but also No. 2, 3, 4, and 5.

We know that it's very important the point No. 2. I have in this case a lot of responsibility because we know that all of the opponents have a top 10 or similar in No. 1, and maybe we need to win the first point going up on the score, and trying to, in my case, trying to win as much points as possible.

Q. Roberto, you were here for the first ATP Cup and in Sydney for the amazing knockout stages. Can you just talk about the atmosphere in playing the knockout stages.

ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Well, I think the ATP Cup of 2020 I think was one of the best tournaments I ever played. The organization and the event was amazing. We had the chance to play the group in Perth, and then the final event here in Sydney, and Spain played very well. We played the final. We lost in the deciding doubles, and was a great experience on 2020.

Q. Just to get the overall chances of your team this week, how do you feel?

PEDRO MARTINEZ: Well, it's my first time here. I'm very happy to join the Spanish team. I'm No. 5 of the team, but I'm here to try to help, to help a team as much as I can.

I think we have a really strong team. These both players can win anyone on the tour. We also can have a good chance in doubles. Let's see how is the groups. I think we have a big chance now to qualify, and I believe on the Spanish team, because I think it's very strong.

Q. Has the team had a chance to do any fun activities away from the tennis so far?

PEDRO MARTINEZ: Well, I think so. We have time yet. Let's see if time for something good.

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