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December 30, 2021

Jorge Aguilar

Cristian Garin

Alejandro Tabilo

Tomas Barrios Vera

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Team Chile

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We would like to ask the captain how he sees the first tie against Spain.

JORGE AGUILAR: (Through translation.) I look forward to the first tie against Spain. I think Cristian has done a very good offseason and he's very willing to do well here. Plus we have a very good spirit among the team, good teamwork. I look forward to the first tie.

Q. Cristian, are there any of the No. 1 matchups that you're particularly looking forward to playing?


Q. Of the No. 1 players that you will play, who are you most looking forward to meeting?

CRISTIAN GARIN: I think all the players here in this competition are very tough. As Jorge said, I have been doing good offseason. I have been practicing well. I end this season with an injury, so it took a while to recover, but last month it was so good for me.

I have been practicing well, playing matches, practice matches, and I have been doing well, healthy.

I think our group is very tough, but we have our chances. I think we are playing well, as Jorge said, too, we are a very young team, and we know each other pretty well, so I only want to compete. I go out there and give my best.

Q. Alejandro, let me ask you, you played a lot of the challenger level last year. How excited are you to step up and play in such a big competition like ATP Cup?

ALEJANDRO TABILO: Well, yeah, it's a great opportunity. So, like you said, I have been playing a lot in challenger, been doing well. It's a good step forward, and obviously I'm going to try to do my best. I played a few ATPs last year in the 1000s, so still have a little bit experience in that, so hopefully I can use that to play my best the first.

Q. Tomas, what are your thoughts about being part of the team? And also, were you able to practice with your teammates during the offseason, or is this the first time you have come together to practice?

TOMAS BARRIOS VERA: (Through translation.) I practice all year with Alejandro and also I practice a couple times with Cristian in the offseason.

Q. Final question for Cristian. You're starting the season at a career-high No. 17. What are your hopes for the year ahead? Are you hoping to pick up some valuable points here at ATP Cup to drive higher in the rankings?

CRISTIAN GARIN: Yes, that's for sure. Honestly, I just want to play. For me it's amazing to be playing with the best players. This tournament is one of my favorite tournaments. It's amazing to represent my country and playing with the best players, so I just want to improving, playing against the best.

I think I can do better. Last year for me was tough. I had two, three injuries, and that was something difficult for me. My goal for this year is to be healthy and play better than last year.

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