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December 30, 2021

Alejandro Fabbri

Diego Schwartzman

Federico Delbonis

Maximo Gonzalez

Andres Molteni

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Argentina

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to Team Argentina, one of the two countries from South America in the ATP Cup. We'd like to ask the captain how the preparation is going and how do you see your first tie against Georgia on Saturday.

ALEJANDRO FABBRI: We are very happy to be here, and we are exciting to start the matches. We have a very good team, and we hope to play many matches here.

THE MODERATOR: And against Georgia?

ALEJANDRO FABBRI: Yes, Georgia is a really good team, and has a good player like Nikoloz. We have a tough challenge in the first tie, and we are prepared for that.

Q. Diego, of course you have played this event a couple of times already. How much have you enjoyed representing your country in the ATP Cup before? What are some of your favorite memories from this event?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: It's very nice to start the year playing the ATP Cup. It's a team tournament, playing for Argentina. I think everyone here who is in the team wants to be here and play for Argentina. Under the flag, everything is different.

I really like Sydney. I did very good matches here. Obviously ATP Cup, it's very tough, because every year qualify the best teams, you know, in the world.

It's going to be tough, good challenge, and I think it's the best preparation for everyone who plays before Australian Open.

Q. Of course you have spent a lot of time with your teammates when you're here every year. How much does that bonding help you stay with you throughout the rest of the year, the memories of being with your teammates?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: The memories after here?

Q. From spending all the time with your teammates, how much does that stick with you throughout the year?

DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: I think for us, for everyone, we enjoy a lot when we can share moments, playing as a team, it's totally different than all the year.

So every moment obviously is totally different for us, playing as a team, staying in the matches every time, no matter if you lose or if you win, because you have to stay. It's a team match, so every moment it's different and we are trying always to enjoy and be ready for the team, like I said, no matter if you lose or if you win.

Q. Federico, how excited are you to be a part of this event at the ATP Cup for the first time?

FEDERICO DELBONIS: I am very excited to be here of course. In the last few years I skip a couple of Davis Cup, I don't have the opportunity to play here, and always enjoying to play as a team. And now to do it again for me it's a big, big challenge and I want to do it the best as possible, to try to help the team.

Q. Maximo and Andres, doubles plays a big role, and a lot of the times the doubles decides the whole match. How nice is that for guys who play doubles all year, for it to be in the spotlight like that?

ANDRES MOLTENI: Yeah, for sure it's going to be a big challenge, as they say. Very excited to be here. Nothing. We like to play good tennis here and feel like a team.

Q. Maximo, I know you two played together, you have played more than once, but playing with him a couple years ago, how much did you learn from that experience at the ATP Cup?

MAXIMO GONZALEZ: We know Andres since many years ago, we practice together, we know each other very, very good. I think this is the key when you play with your partner, you know outside the court and inside the court, it's much easy to play with him. We have a good relationship. I think we can do really good this year, like two years ago.

Q. How nice is it that doubles has such a big platform at the ATP Cup?

ANDRES MOLTENI: It's very important, for us to play these kind of tournaments, like playing big stage also as well here in the stadium and the other venue. So we are, as you say, very excited and happy to play here and to take doubles, a good part here from the tie.

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