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December 31, 2021

Vincenzo Santopadre

Matteo Berrettini

Jannik Sinner

Lorenzo Sonego

Simone Bolelli

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Italy

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to Team Italy, last year's runner-up here. We want to ask the captain if your goal this year is to go one further and win the title.

VINCENZO SANTOPADRE: I think that we should work for it, because it's our goal is to do always better than the previous experience. So of course. We don't have to be shy to say that we are here trying to win.

But we will do our best. I know that these guys are really good players, very good players, you know. Everybody knows. I think we have the chance to win.

Q. Matteo, everybody is looking forward to a rematch of last year's final between Italy and Russia. Personally, are you looking forward to the No. 1 singles battle with Medvedev?

MATTEO BERRETTINI: I mean, yeah, it's one of the match of the group. Obviously their team is different compared to last year for COVID reasons, so it's going to be for sure different match. Also, we have this new guy here with us, pretty young but pretty good, I have to say.

Yeah, I mean, obviously the group is bigger this year. We have to think about our first match first, and then about the others.

But, yeah, obviously Russia with Daniil, what they've done in the last year, is going to be one of the toughest matches we have to play.

Q. Quickly, what makes Medvedev such a tough riddle to solve?

MATTEO BERRETTINI: This is a good question. I mean, he's really solid. He's moving really well, playing deep, serving well, returning. I mean, he's not missing at all when he's playing good. So especially on hard court he's probably, I mean, together with Novak, the best player we have now. Yeah, he's really tricky to play.

Personally last year I struggled to play against him, but I work hard to be ready for this match, so we will see.

Q. Jannik, as the No. 2 player, you get to play first and get the opportunity to give your team the momentum by going up 1-0. Can you talk about the mindset of enjoying being able to give your team early momentum?

JANNIK SINNER: Well, of course for me it's big honor to play in this special group. We have an incredible team, of course. Every one of us tries to do our best. I mean, I'm looking forward to trying to be 1-0 up every time we play. And then let's see. We have an incredible second player, and we have great, great doubles, as well. Let's see.

For sure, it's going to be interesting.

Q. Simone, can I ask you about doubles? Doubles is in the spotlight at ATP Cup. Do you like how it is, can decide the outcome of the ties?

SIMONE BOLELLI: Yeah, no, doubles is very important. We play the final point. As Jannik said, Italy has a strong team. We can mix in the doubles so we have two, three teams we can put on court. We can mix every time, depends on the singles, depends on their results in the first two matches, then we see.

Italy, I think, is one of the strongest teams at the moment.

Q. Lorenzo, can you just talk about the camaraderie, friendship in the team, and any fun things you may have done here in Sydney?

LORENZO SONEGO: I don't know what I play in this tournament, but I'm here for give my contribute to my team. We are really nice team with a good friend and good guy. We want to win every match.

Q. Unfortunately your team lost last year. You are very good team this year with two top-10 singles players in the team. What does it mean to your team win the cup this time around?

MATTEO BERRETTINI: That we made the finals and how we feel now? We feel happy to be here. I think if it's possible, the team is even stronger this year, so for sure our aim is like to get the title. We know it's going to be a tough job. Every match is going to be difficult, but we believe that we can do it.

Q. Matteo, can I get you to talk through what it's playing someone like Alex de Minaur, the strengths, what you need to do well to beat him?

MATTEO BERRETTINI: Yeah, for sure Alex is a really tricky player, especially here in Sydney, in his home country. He's been playing I think his best tennis here.

I saw I believe two years ago crazy matches against Rafa, I remember. I think this atmosphere brings him like to play his best tennis, so it's going to be very tough match. I played him on grass, so different surface, different conditions.

But I like when the atmosphere is like that. I like this kind of like stadiums packed and people are cheering for you or against you. I'm really looking forward to that match. Have to play really good to beat him.

Q. Do you have a soft spot for Australia obviously with Ajla?

MATTEO BERRETTINI: I have to say yes, otherwise she's going to be upset.

No, I like Australia. I like to be here since the first time I came, I really like. I think all the cities are different. In certain way they are similar. I like to play here in the heat, and so it's always well organized. Yeah, feels nice to be here.

Q. Lorenzo, Matteo, and Jannik, 2021 was an outstanding year for the three of you guys in particular. During the short offseason, what have y'all done in an effort to maintain what you achieved last year and to take another step forward again?

JANNIK SINNER: Well, of course there were not so many days to make a good offseason. It was important to find a good way of resting days and of course workdays.

I had 14 days exactly to prepare in the best possible way. Then Christmas I went home for one day, and then I left for Australia.

So, I mean, of course you put in work, but it's more trying to have your shape in the best possible way to compete here in Australia. I think we are doing the second part of the offseason after Australia.

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