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December 31, 2021

Liam Broady

Cameron Norrie

Daniel Evans

Joe Salisbury

Jamie Murray

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Great Britain

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Welcome to Team GB. I'd like to hear from the captain about the preparation, how it's going so far and your experiences being captain on the team.

LIAM BROADY: Yeah, it's going really well. Boys are playing good. Was on court with Evo with his session with Diego yesterday. Some really good tennis being played. Kind of the same with Casper Ruud the day before. Jamie and Joe have been going well the last few days, as well.

I think everyone is feeling confident. You know, we're here to win the event. I've heard the guys say that a few times already. That's what we're going to try and do.

For me, first time as a captain, it's a pretty new experience (smiling). Having to go to captains meetings and organize the team kit and stuff like that is a pleasure. We'll do the best we can.

Q. Cam, you're looking at some very tough matches to start the year against Sascha, Felix, and Taylor. Are you happy about that early challenge?

CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, for sure. I think these are exactly the matches I want to be playing leading into the Australian Open, and no better way to do it, playing in a team event like this.

Yeah, it's going to be tough, but really looking forward to it. Looking forward to getting out there and competing as a team and supporting the other guys, as well.

Q. They say it's harder to stay at the top than get to the top. You have worked your way up to 12 after a great season last year. What challenges are you expecting to stay there and even push towards the top 10 this year?

CAMERON NORRIE: Yeah, I think I'm feeling good physically. Really enjoying my tennis. That's been a big factor. And I think just a lot more of the same and keep enjoying it, keep going after it and enjoying the big matches.

Yeah, really looking forward to hopefully backing it up again next year.

Q. Dan, you're in one of the toughest groups in terms of No. 2 players. Speak about the challenges you're going to face personally in that group.

DANIEL EVANS: Yeah, not really thought too far ahead. Just been preparing for the, you know, for Germany, really. I know I played Struff on Sunday. You know, it's been good to be around the guys. It's a different event, and you can have a lot more fun being around teammates. It's a bit of a better way to prepare for an event. Normally you're very selfish and looking after your own preparations, but it's cool to see everybody else out there getting ready.

You know, we're all in it as one this week, so it's going to be good to see everybody out there giving it their all and all of us supporting each other.

Q. A question for either Jamie or for Joe, just about the spotlight ATP Cup shines on doubles. If you could speak about that. Is there a little part of you that kind of hopes that the first two matches split so you guys can have the opportunity to bring home the glory for the team by winning the doubles?

JOE SALISBURY: No, I mean, definitely the preferred option is these boys get it done in the singles and we get the win, too. Obviously in the group stages I think every match counts. It could come down to rubbers. So, yeah, every match is going to count in the groups.

Yeah, there's a good chance that some of it will come down to the doubles and be won after the singles. We'll be ready for that. It's nice, yeah, to be playing in a situation to be playing some big matches hopefully.

But, yeah, we're ready. Looking forward to it.

Q. Jamie, your thoughts on the amazing atmosphere the fans brought a couple of years ago to this event.

JAMIE MURRAY: Yeah, I think we all had a great time two years ago when we were here. You know, Aussies love their sport.

We had some big matches like especially we played against Australia. That was a fun atmosphere. Some amazing matches in that tie. Yeah, I think for us obviously, you know, you relish it more especially when it's been taken away from you for quite a long time. Obviously even last year in Australia, there wasn't really many crowd, snap lockdowns happening. I think for us we're all excited to get back out there and play in front of packed houses.

Q. A question for Cam. Obviously we know what an outstanding year you have had in 2021, included a very big title. As you go into 2022, do you feel that puts a bit of additional pressure onto you to have to reproduce those sort of results, or does it, in essence, take the pressure off because it's been a case of been there, done that, and you've experienced it?

CAMERON NORRIE: I think the pressure only gets more. When you win a title like that, I think the pressure only doubles and gets more and you have to get out there and produce.

But no, it's exactly where I want to be, and exactly the matches I want to be playing and have this kind of preparation for Australian Open and be seeded. So, I mean, I can't complain. Yeah, looking forward to the challenge ahead.

I think it's just a slightly different mindset of going into matches, being -- a lot of the time last year I was being the underdog and going out and hunting those guys, whereas now I think some of the time it's going to be people hunting me. The pressure only gets more, but I'm looking forward to it and feeling good physically and excited to kick off the year in such a great team event.

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