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December 31, 2021

David Kvernadze

Nikoloz Basilashvili

Aleksandre Metreveli

Aleksandre Bakshi

Zura Tkemaladze

Saba Purtseladze

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Georgia

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: Welcome, Team Georgia. Playing in the ATP Cup for the second time in three years. Welcome back. We'd like to hear from the captain how the preparation is going for your first tie against Argentina and how proud you are to be representing your country here in such a major competition.

DAVID KVERNADZE: Yeah, very proud to be in ATP Cup of course for the second time. Unfortunately, last year also we could get in but because of the COVID it was less teams so they couldn't came.

First of all I want to thank our No. 1, Nikoloz, who made great results end of this year. And is big honor to represent Georgia in this team for me and for whole country.

What about preparation? Nikoloz came yesterday, so we tried today and he's really good shape. Rest of the team we are few days already here, so they are ready to show themselves.

Q. Nikoloz, of course you have been here before. How special is it to be here again representing your country with your teammates?

NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: I mean, for sure, for me means a lot to represent Georgia in general. The ATP Cup is really successful and a big tournament for me.

I'm feeling good. I arrived late. And I had very good preparation during the preseason and feeling very well. I played very good end of the season. So in general, I'm feeling great. Looking forward tomorrow to play against Schwartzman.

Q. Is there any particular memory you have from when you were at this event last time that sticks out?

NIKOLOZ BASILASHVILI: I mean, we have memories every day because it's a team kind of competition. It's always fun. But last year, played against Rafa -- not last year, two years ago, played against Rafa, was a really good match. In general, the atmosphere is really nice, so all the matches were fun and I got this really good experience from them.

Q. Aleks, obviously you played a few matches last time. I'm just curious, did you learn any particular lesson from that experience? How much did that help you?

ALEKSANDRE METREVELI: Yeah, of course. This tournament for me and for all the team is really special. For me in my career this is the biggest tournament, and thanks to our No. 1, Nik, for this opportunity.

Two years ago when we played, it was really unbelievable atmosphere for me, and it was really good experience. Yeah, this is a tournament that I will remember for all my life, because it's really nice. It's different. It's not individual. It's like a team. It's really nice.

Q. The other Aleks, of course you have matches as well. What's the overall experience of being around all the best players in the world?

ALEKSANDRE BAKSHI: I think for us, for No. 3, No. 4, No. 5 guys, it's just a miracle for us to be here. We are not ranked as high. For us to have this opportunity and compete against all the best players in the world, it's just great. Of course to play against them, it's an honor.

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