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January 1, 2022

Pablo Carreno Busta

Roberto Bautista Agut

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Spain

Press Conference

Team Spain - 2

Team Chile - 0

THE MODERATOR: Congrats to Team Spain. First tie, first victory. Straight sets. Can you just sum up how it went for both of you briefly in your respective matches.

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yeah, it's always important to start the year with a victory. I know at the beginning of my match, well, we expect that Tabilo start at 100%, trying to be aggressive, but I didn't expect this aggressive, you know.

But then I try to continue pushing, I tried to -- well, I know that is my first match, that I couldn't practice all that I like. But then I think that I improve my level in the second set, and it was a nice fight. You know, at the end of the match, it was very, very warm, and I felt the difference between the winter in Spain, now the summer here in Australia.

But I'm happy for the result. Also with Roberto's match, that now we won 2-Love, but we are playing now the doubles, so we continue to support the team.

ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: Well, I think it was a great match. I felt very solid. I felt very good on the court. I like the speed of my ball on my shots.

Well, it was a nice start of the season. It's always important to feel well at the beginning. It's not easy to adapt to these different conditions, to the summer, to the tennis here in January in Australia.

Well, very happy because Pablo won, and we are leading 2-0, and it's good to start a competition like this.

Q. Roberto, were you surprised by the score of the match? Also, as a player, do you like winning a set 6-Love, or do you think, Oh, I'd rather win it 6-1?

ROBERTO BAUTISTA AGUT: I rather I could do always my first set like this, no?

Well, I think I played a great match. It was a great level, great level on the court today. Well, I know Garin is great opponent, he's a good player. I knew he was gonna fight hard at the end of the match. It was not easy second set.

Q. Pablo, was there anything in particular in your opponent's game today that troubled you, gave you problems? Or was it just that you might not have been playing your best at the start of both sets?

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yeah, it was the first time that I play against him. I didn't watch a lot of matches of him, but my partners, Pedro, Alex knows him, and they told me something that's was important for me to know it.

Is true that at the beginning of the match he was better than me, he plays better than me. But, you know, I know that normally is tough to start the season, is tough to come to Australia when we are in Europe in the winter, but I just try to continue all the time. Mentally, I think that I make a very, very solid match, and that's important thing to continue getting better with my level.

Q. Do you like being able to talk to your teammates in the team zone during the match?

PABLO CARRENO BUSTA: Yeah, it's important, no? We know how they play, we know how I play. You know, when you are outside the court normally you see different things than that you are inside the court.

No, it's important to everybody to be focused on the games if you are playing, of course. But if you are not playing, supporting rest of the team.

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