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January 1, 2022

Hubert Hurkacz

Jan Zielinski

Kamil Majchrzak

Marcin Matkowski

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Poland

Press Conference

Team Poland - 2

Team Greece - 1

THE MODERATOR: Hubie, disappointment in the doubles but great for Poland to get the first win here in the ATP Cup.

HUBERT HURKACZ: To win, that's what we came in for today. I mean, unfortunately we didn't close it in doubles, but it was a good match from our side. We got a bit unlucky and I think we can play better the next ones.

Q. You said you didn't get the win in doubles. How important is the experience and getting used to playing with each other and all of that?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Definitely helps. We'll be having some more important matches at stake in the near future, so it's great that we had a chance to play here. Of course disappointed, but we got a win and we know what we can work on.

Q. Jan, what was the whole experience like for you going out there and competing with Hubie?

JAN ZIELINSKI: Well, it was great. I played with Hubert last year, but I actually never played against a player like Tsitsipas today, so it was a little bit stressful at the beginning for sure. But overall it was a great experience. Unfortunately we didn't close it out, like Hubie said before, but we managed to come back in the second set, which was pretty big. So that's some positive note that we can take away from that match. And, yeah, looking forward to the next games.

Q. Nice win for you today against someone who hadn't played ATP Cup. So how nice was it for you to get a win for your country?

KAMIL MAJCHRZAK: It was a very nice feeling to bring the first point for Poland and win my first match of the year. I mean, the experience at the Davis Cup, I was a little bit more favored for this match, but I managed my emotions and closed out this match and so I'm super happy for this performance.

Q. What are some of your overall thoughts on getting the win for the country today?

MARCIN MATKOWSKI: Obviously we know, we knew Greece is a very good team and so we didn't, it didn't matter for us the way we win two or three point. We just wanted to win the tie.

Obviously the guys, Kamil and Hubie, showed today in singles matches that they're very good players and they won comfortably, and the doubles, I think, was on very high standards for doubles. It was very entertaining high-quality points and I'm very happy that the guys fought back. It was easy to just say it's not our day, but they played great at the beginning and at the end of the second set and in the very interesting tiebreak, and I can tell in super tiebreak it's one or two points here or there, and even in the first set we had some chances.

But, like, kudos to Greece team. They are a very good team also, but I'm very confident that this team will still play and they will get some points for the Polish team. But I think that we are very happy overall with the win.

Q. Hubie, how are you feeling at the start of this year? Last year was such a big year for you, how are you feeling coming into 2022?

HUBERT HURKACZ: Yeah, I think I'm feeling quite good. I had some time off and then preparation. I think the day went quite well. Obviously coming into the new season it's always you're wondering how you're going to play the first matches and, yeah, I mean we'll see. In two days I'll have a good match and it's definitely going to be interesting.

Q. Kamil, how long or when did you start working with Joakim and what does he bring to you?

KAMIL MAJCHRZAK: We have started in December 2020, so it was a year ago and, I mean, he brings me a lot of calm in my, not only tennis, but also in my life.

Q. He's always been a pretty laid back type of guy, so you think that's a benefit to you?


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