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January 5, 2022

Jorge Aguilar

Cristian Garin

Alejandro Tabilo

Tomas Barrios Vera

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Team Chile

Press Conference


6-0, 6-4

Team Chile - 2

Team Norway - 1

THE MODERATOR: Congrats, Team Chile. Unfortunately it's not enough to get into the semifinals, but how happy are you with the experience this week? Jorge?

JORGE AGUILAR: (Via translation.) Very happy with the team. It's a young team. They have a great attitude. They get along great. We left everything on the court, and I think the future is bright. For them it's a great start to the year, so we will continue to work hard for our objectives.

Q. Particularly good day for you, Alejandro, two wins. You must be very happy to finish the tournament this way?

ALEJANDRO TABILO: Yeah, very happy. It was a tough match in the singles, was a little bit of struggle at the end. Happy we got through it. Yeah, gives me a lot of confidence going into quallies of Australia.

Q. For the team to get two wins, that's very good.

ALEJANDRO TABILO: Yeah, we were close in all the series, so we're pretty happy about that. Especially being able to win two ties is incredible. I think we're all very happy with how we are playing.

Q. Cristian, can I ask you how you are going to reflect back on your week here in Sydney?

CRISTIAN GARIN: I think it was a very positive week for the whole team. This ATP Cup was special for us. I had really tough matches against very good players. I didn't compete like in for three months so for me it was very important for me to play. I didn't play the way I want to, but it was a good way to start the year.

I think I need to improve a few things. And anyways, was a very positive week for me. I'm so proud of my team. We all compete, we all gave 100%. That was important thing for this week.

I think we end the week with very good feelings.

Q. And you stay for the Sydney Classic? Do you think that will be good preparation overall for the Australian Open?

CRISTIAN GARIN: Yeah, that's the goal, I think is to get matches before the Grand Slam. I think I came from an injury, and I didn't compete in three months, so I have to see how I feel and how I react these days and try to also practice and see how I feel and try to be ready for the Grand Slam.

Q. Finally to Tomas, you had two wins here in the doubles. You must be very happy.

TOMAS BARRIOS VERA: Yeah, Cristian and Alejandro say everything. We're super, super proud and happy for the team.

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