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January 8, 2022

Matt Jones

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Plantation Course at Kapalua

Quick Quotes

Q. Take us through the round real quick.

MATT JONES: Started off nice. Had a birdie on 1 and then, I mean, I had an 8-footer on 2. Missed it. 12-footer on 3. Missed it.

So it was a very, I mean, you can't say there was an easy 62 or 11-under, but it was one of the most comfortable rounds I've had out there for a long time.

Q. Three Aussies in the top-5 right now. Talk about that.

MATT JONES: It's awesome. There's five of us here this week. So we had a good season last year on the PGA TOUR and we're starting off this new year with a bit of a bang by the looks of it.

Q. Talk about this golf course too, why this sets up for you. One more day to go, but just talk about how you're in a good spot too.

MATT JONES: Yeah, there's some comfortable holes out hear, suits my eye, fits my ball flight. You don't have to be too aggressive because you're still going to have shorter irons into these greens to give yourself birdie putts so you don't have to take too much on off the tee, which I've tried to be, not conservative, but just not try and take too much on the cut, too much off of these tee shots.

Q. Last question, back to the Aussie subject, what does it say about Australian golf, five guys here in the Sentry Tournament of Champions and three of them are in the top 5?

MATT JONES: Yeah, it's in a good state right now. Cam is playing unbelievable he has for the last few years, Leish has always been good, you got Herbert who won this year and then Cam Davis who won last year. So it's great, I'm the older, old man out here nowadays, so it's good to see those young guys coming through.

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