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January 7, 2022

Seamus Power

Kapalua, Maui, Hawaii, USA

Plantation Course at Kapalua

Quick Quotes

Q. Excellent round. If we can get some comments today.

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah. No, it was all around a good round. It was, everything was kind of going pretty well. Made a couple of eagles on the par-5s, couple putts that could have been here or there, but overall it was very steady, didn't miss a whole lot, wasn't really in trouble at all, hit a lot of greens, and yeah, I got a nice putt there on the last to finish it off.

Q. Did you drive the ball a little better today?

SEAMUS POWER: I did, yeah. I had a couple of loose ones yesterday and I kind of got those ironed out. Kind of three loose swings yesterday cost me four or five shots and that was basically the difference between yesterday and today.

Q. Take us through the stretch of 4, 5, and 6.

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, it was actually funny because I hit it very close on 3 and missed from maybe 4 feet for birdie, so I was kind of disappointed, but hit another good drive up No. 4 and had a good number for a 9-iron. Hit it in to maybe 7, 8 feet and I was able to knock it in.

Then on 5 obviously getting the eagle, I hit a good tee shot. Again, I was lucky. I left myself a very good number and hit one of best shots of the day, a nice 5-iron into, it was close, maybe 3 feet.

6 was playing tougher today back into the wind, hit a good tee shot again and hit a flighted 9-iron that was probably 25 feet and was able to knock it in.

It was a stretch. I had a good chance at the start of it on 3 and I just missed on 7, but it's kind of got me going into the round and back into the tournament a little bit.

Q. And then the eagle on 15.

SEAMUS POWER: Yeah, hit a very good tee shot again and it was right in between numbers, I went with like I tried to hit a hard 5-iron, it's on a down slope, and you're trying to get to an elevated green, so just tried to hit a little bit harder, so a little more flight on it, and was able to keep it on the front level there and knocked in a very nice putt from 12 feet.

Q. Any change in tactics for the weekend?

SEAMUS POWER: No. As you see today, the scoring's going to be low, like even, like obviously it's great to get to 10-under second round, but you're not winning this unless somewhere in the 20s, you know.

So it's kind of -- it doesn't leave me a lot of margin of error after yesterday, I kind of knew that, so today was a good step to getting back into it, but I'm going to need two more something similar to kind of give me a chance.

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