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December 31, 2021

Andrew Vastardis

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Hard Rock Stadium

Michigan Wolverines

Press Conference

Q. What was it like going against some of their tackles up front?

ANDREW VASTARDIS: Well, I think we just didn't execute the way we were playing, not executing the way we had been all season. That's just top to bottom. I think we had a good plan. I think we had a good understanding of the plan. Just failed to execute consistently. We made plays, but couldn't continue.

No one ever quit fighting, no one ever gave up, no one ever gave in. For that I'm proud. Even looking past tonight, just being a part of this team, I couldn't be more blessed.

Great defense. A lot of those guys will be playing on Sundays. Good luck to them moving forward. Gosh, I'm really proud of this team. Disappointed. I know that looking back it's just going to be the relationships and I love these guys.

Q. How did you think the offense functioned when J.J. entered the game in the second half?

ANDREW VASTARDIS: Yeah, I mean, he made some good plays. I think that was a coach's decision. I'm not sure what's motives were. Whoever is back there we trust. Like we've said all year, this foundation is built on trust. We know the coaches trust each other as men, then we trust each other as football players.

Guys can make plays however the team needs it. Whatever happens, you just got to keep fighting for your man to your left and to your right.

Excited the plays he made. Excited for the growth. Excited for the future of Michigan football because we have a bunch of great talent returning.

Q. As a senior and captain, what are you most proud of what you accomplished this season?

ANDREW VASTARDIS: Just coming together and being a family when everyone around us was just throwing crap on the pile. Not even that. Really just leaning on each other, trusting each other, playing for the man to your left and to your right.

Gosh, I've seen a lot of guys grow as men, young men becoming men. I've had the honor to do that here in the presence of some great coaches and leaders. Those lessons I'll keep with me forever.

Couldn't be more happier. Couldn't be more blessed. I just love everyone here. That's all I got to say about that.

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