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December 31, 2021

Nakobe Dean

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Hard Rock Stadium

Georgia Bulldogs

Press Conference

Georgia 34, Michigan 11

Q. Y'all have hats that said champs on them. They were playing "we are the champions" out there. Do you feel like champions or how much do you feel like there's one more game?

NAKOBE DEAN: There's definitely one more game. Champs not at all. Job not finished. We didn't do our everything we did this whole season just to win the Orange Bowl. Job not finished.

Q. What did Derion Kendrick bring to this team, not just today but obviously all season with the experience that he has at defensive back?

NAKOBE DEAN: You know, he brings a lot of confidence in that secondary, confidence and swagger. Just to have him, he brought a lot of experience, also, so just to have him back there is just great.

Q. How do you think you guys were able to be so effective against Michigan's offensive line? Obviously a really good unit. How were you able to be so effective against the pass rush and stopping the run and things like that?

NAKOBE DEAN: Just basically the way we worked over the past couple weeks, what we emphasized and the work we put in, I feel like we've gotten better, and we need to continue to work for the next week and a half and continue to get better.

Q. What have y'all emphasized over the past couple weeks since that Alabama game, and was it maybe a mindset that you had to change or was it Xs and Os fundamentals type of things that you had to work on?

NAKOBE DEAN: We worked on a little bit of everything. First couple days closer to the loss we kind of had like a little camp. It was kind of like camp practices. Then we kind of focused in on Michigan, and we just continued to get better in every aspect. We continued to work on everything from special teams to offense to pass rushing to technique, anything. Anything to make you better individually, I feel like we as a team worked on it and we as individuals also worked on it.

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