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December 27, 2021

Jordan Davis

Miami Gardens, Florida, USA

Hard Rock Stadium

Georgia Bulldogs

Press Conference

Q. Coach Lanning was talking about their backs running to contact, the physicality of the game. Is there anybody on your schedule? I know football is a physical game by nature. Anybody you'd compare the Michigan offense to, and what about the physical challenge? Does this play into Georgia's hands somewhat?

JORDAN DAVIS: They're definitely a physical team, and it's a tremendous challenge for our front seven. In comparison, I can't really compare them. Each team is different. But we're excited to play them. We're excited for the challenge. We're just ready to get out there.

Q. I know he's not your position coach, but what has been your impression of Glenn Schumann and what he brings to this team and to this defense?

JORDAN DAVIS: Coach Schumann is a tremendous coach. He's very smart in the football world, highly respected, and every time I'm around him I learn something new, even if that's dealing with coverage that I have nothing to do with or it's like reading how the linebackers operate and why we need to be in our gaps when they shoot. But honestly, Coach Schu is a great coach, and that's what impresses me the most is how much I learn when I'm around him.

Q. Jordan, if I was to say to you that Alabama put forth a blueprint to help you beat Georgia, do you think that there's a code that they may have cracked here, or that what Alabama did could be replicated in some ways? I think that's a theme that's out there. I'm not sure if it's necessarily true, but I wonder what you think of that.

JORDAN DAVIS: In my opinion, I haven't heard of that. It's the first time I'm hearing about that. But you know, you lose some, and you just go on getting better. Obviously we're not going to be the same team from last game to this game with Michigan, but we just have to keep moving forward and worry about ourselves and just get ready for the game.

Q. Jordan, could you describe some of the chemistry and the time that goes into developing the twists and stunts that you guys run so well and just how long it takes to get comfortable as a unit with the motions of that type of thing?

JORDAN DAVIS: Yeah, definitely. It's all about timing. It's all about chemistry. Yeah, it takes timing from the D-line, takes timing from the OLBs, from the inside linebackers, everybody. If you're misjudging time or shooting the gap too early, you could be in somebody else's gap, and that's not good. But it's definitely a timing thing, as with any position in football. A split second can mean the world. Yeah, the timing.

Q. When was the last time that you thought about the Alabama game? How quickly did you put it behind you, or does it continue to just wind its way into your brain or your thought process every now and again?

JORDAN DAVIS: Definitely I feel like any game I lost, especially in college, even in high school, it still hits me every once in a while when I think about it really. You know, you've just got to keep moving forward. You can't dwell on the past. Nothing you can do about it. You just have to continue to move on in the future, and that's not just with football, that's with life, so that's one thing I learned over the years. You just have to keep moving forward.

Q. I know this is a business trip for you guys and there's one big goal, but you think about bowl week and there's also the fun stuff and the go-karts and the food contests, whatever. What do you think this week is going to be like, and what's it like having gone through a year that was pretty normal, then all of a sudden COVID goes crazy, it's going through the nab, NFL, and now things are going to be a little different? What's it going to be like, and what are you thinking about?

JORDAN DAVIS: Definitely we're excited to be in Miami and everything, but as we all know, it's a hotspot for COVID. We just have to make sure that we protect ourselves and wear our masks and just enjoy the moment. Obviously bowl week is a great time for team chemistry and getting to another each other a little bit better than we already do, and we're just excited to be here and have fun in Miami.

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