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December 12, 2021

Brooke Matthews

Mobile, Alabama, USA

Magnolia Grove

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, Brooke, we were just talking to Gina and it's more than just eight rounds of golf these past two weeks. It's been a months' long process. How are you feeling as you finish with your Q-Series and qualifying experience for this year?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: I'm happy it's over, to be honest. Yeah, it's about as stressful as it gets. Didn't have my best stuff this week but was able to scrape it out and kind of make it work, so I was happy with that.

Yeah, happy it's over and happy I ended up where I needed to end up.

Q. It's definitely a grueling experience. How have you been able to stay in the moment and not let what's looming take hold?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, it's easy to happen. I probably had it happen a couple times thinking towards the finish line. Yeah, just keeping me in there. My caddie did a good job keeping me on the shot that's in front of me. That's the only one you can control.

So even though it is hard, it's in the back of everyone's mind. You just have to do your best to stay present.

Q. I remember talking at Walmart and this was on your radar and hoping you would get to this stage, and now here you are. You got a couple decisions I feel like you have to make in the next couple months. For you, have you thought about that leading up to this event and kind of what you've thought about in the back of your mind?

BROOKE MATTHEWS: Yeah, honestly, I've just been pushing it off and pushing it off until I got here. It's a good decision to have to make, so I'll go back home, talk to my family, talk to my coaches, and go from there. Either way I'm in a good position.

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