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January 19, 2004

Olivia Lukaszewicz


THE MODERATOR: First question, please.

Q. How was the experience?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: I couldn't say it in words, the experience. The crowd was unbelievable. And to play Justine out on centre court was an experience in itself. I thought I went out there and composed myself well, fought hard, and she was just too good on the day. It's good to see where I'm at at the moment. And I'll go home and train my heart out to get there.

Q. What was the biggest thing you learned today?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: I think I definitely learned that being No. 1 is a huge, huge, huge thing for Justine. For her to come out, she knew she was playing a wildcard, and she didn't know what to expect. She played it very well and she stayed with me and she didn't let me get into the match at all, which was good for her part.

Q. What did she say to you afterwards? Did she say something to you at the net or in the locker room?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: Yeah, she hoped for a good future and wished me good luck.

Q. Was it all a bit sort of overwhelming today?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: It wasn't -- yeah, in the morning it was pretty hectic. I tried to get away from it all and stay relaxed and listen to a bit of music, did my own things. Went out there, I think I composed myself really well. I wasn't too nervous. I was a little bit at the start, but the crowd helped me a lot. It wasn't too bad.

Q. You had nine game points. Would have been nice to snag one.

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: Yeah, I think that's where I've got to work on a lot. I haven't really got that experience to know exactly what to do, and she knew everything what to do on those particular points. She played them well. I made a few errors that I probably shouldn't have pressed for so much. I thought I played pretty well out there, so...

Q. You certainly went for everything. Was that the game plan? You were coming forward on her serve, trying to attack at all costs.

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: Yeah, I think if you're playing No. 1, I think you sort of have to do that a little bit. If you don't, she's just gonna smash you off court. I thought I didn't press too much with my shots, but definitely on the game points, I probably didn't play them as well as I could have.

Q. Is the gap from No. 800-whatever-you-are to No 1 greater than what you possibly thought?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: Yeah, I think it's a pretty big gap. I think it's making that first step and getting that breakthrough win and getting there amongst all those girls and seeing what they do day in and day out. I think that helps a lot. I think it's that breakthrough win that all these girls need.

Q. Do you have the impression she had a man's serve?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: From what I've seen on the men's, no. But she definitely served it quite hard. She's a little girl, she's not as big as some of the others there. She places the ball well. I think she's worked on her second serve quite a bit, and it kicked up a little bit. I think it's improved since what I've seen last.

Q. What do you do with your check, 18,000.

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: Yeah, it's good. I'll definitely spend a lot of that on my tennis in the following months and try and help out my game and spend it on that.

Q. Where to next are you traveling?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: I think I'm gonna play a few junior tournaments and try and get into Junior French and Wimbledon this year. So I've got to make a few trips before I do that. I've got junior Aussie coming up now. So I'll prepare hard for that and try and get a few points and bump up my ranking a little bit. So I'll definitely have to make a few trips to Europe and whatever.

Q. Must be relieved to go to Juniors or not? Did you enjoy the taste of what you had?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: I definitely enjoyed it. It was good fun. Just to see what the players are doing, just to see them hanging around is a great experience.

Q. The result is 6-love, 6-love is not that important, but it cannot have been what you were dreaming of. How do you start a match like this, with a big gap between your ranking and hers, knowing that she's not the type of girl that is going to give you some games? How do you start such a match?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: Definitely going in there, and I knew, going into the match, that she wasn't going to give me anything. I'm ranked 800-something. So I knew I had to fight for every point, and if I wanted to win a point, I had to fight for it and she wasn't going to let me off for a game. I think I did that. I got a few chances to win a couple of games, but didn't execute the points well. I think she played them quite smart. And that's just experience from her side.

Q. Do you appreciate the fact that she didn't give you anything for free?

OLIVIA LUKASZEWICZ: Yeah, definitely. I didn't want to go out there and feel like she was giving me, 'cause I wouldn't have felt good. I think if I had earned the game, then I would have felt a lot better than her sort of half giving it away to me.

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