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December 9, 2021

Dewi Weber

Mobile, Alabama, USA

Magnolia Grove

Quick Quotes

Q. All right, getting through the two-hour and 45 minute fog delay, just take me through the fifth round here at Q-Series.

DEWI WEBER: You know, it was actually like nothing special. I hit my wedges really well, which I have been doing for the past couple rounds. I had a lot of wedges in here. Like I can't really reach the par-5s here, but every time I have a short wedge in, and so that's what getting me through like the first couple birdies.

And that helps a lot. You get to play a little bit more relaxed once you're 2-, 3-under or so. I just kept to like one shot at a time and was honestly like happy that some of those putts fell, because sometimes they don't; this day they did.

So it wasn't that special, but the score is good and I'm really glad to get off to a good start this week. I mean, everyone knows this is fricking stressful, so getting off to a good start is definitely helping mentally as well.

Q. Definitely. Bouncing back also from the bogey there on No. 1, what happened there, and then being able to rebound with two birdies in your next three holes I think?

DEWI WEBER: Like I hit a good drive but I just had a really crappy lie. I hit that shot and I just like wasn't like that bad. Just said to my caddie, I mean, that was just the worse lie I could have had. Even like playing it up like the ball is half a meter like above my feet. So like I don't know how this is going to go, and it doesn't go that well.

But, yeah, like the next hole I hit a good drive again. I had 90 yards in, and for me that's a short wedge again. I just hit the wedge really close so I could bounce back that way. Like I had a tap-in for birdie, and that's obviously -- like when you hit a wedge like that it's just like, Okay, cool. We can still play good golf. Like we have 16 more holes to do this shit, so...

Q. I think no bogeys after that first one, correct?

DEWI WEBER: No I don't think so.

Q. So how satisfying is that for you just to know how well you're playing after mentally resetting after the first week?

DEWI WEBER: Yeah, I mean, if anything gives me a lot of confidence, and I think just like the mindset for me this week and like last week will and has been just one shot at a time, and that has been like super peaceful for me.

That doesn't mean like I don't get frustrated or anything, but it's just like once I walk to the next ball it's just like, Okay, you can play golf. You got this. It's like very stupid, repetitive stuff, but it keeps on working, so...

Q. No, if it's working, it's working. Strategy. For you, what did you take from the first week that you brought into the second week after the first day?

DEWI WEBER: That if I just play steady like I don't have to go that low per se to like be where I want to be on the leaderboard, which is a little bit different sometimes than a normal competition so to say. Like you get that to win.

This week it's like if I'm top 20, I'm good. I don't have to stress that much. For me, seeing where I kind of was at after four rounds and like knowing the scores that I put, I was like, Okay, we don't to have necessarily go for every pin.

We just need to keep the mistakes to a minimum, and if you make 2-under every time, looks like we're going to be fine.

So that's what I did.

Q. Being able to beat the darkness today after that fog delay, what will you take into tomorrow after an outstanding day like today?

DEWI WEBER: Just keep this going, keep that one-shot-at-a-time thing I'm doing and keep that going. Hopefully I can sleep in a little bit, because they just blew the horn and not everyone is done yet.

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