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December 2, 2021

Shamil Tarpischev

Russian Tennis Federation

Press Conference


6-4, 6-4

Russian Tennis Federation - 2

Sweden - 0

(All answers through interpretation)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Captain, you are celebrating a hundred ties as captain for the Russian Davis Cup team. I would like to know how good is this Russian team compared with some of the great teams you have been captain of?

SHAMIL TARPISCHEV: It's actually the 99th tie. Tonight is another jubilee. It's 150th if we count men and women together.

I suppose it's my third generation of the great Russian players. I remember the team where Safin, Kafelnikov and Davydenko took place, maybe took part. Maybe they kind of were different in their years. But I suppose that team might have been the same level as this very strong team.

Q. When you were following Safin and Kafelnikov, now you have Medvedev and Rublev, what is the difference? What do you have to tell them at that time and what they were doing following your advice and what you are doing now and how do they follow you? Everyone now has his own coach normally.

SHAMIL TARPISCHEV: I think it's not much change in terms of personal relationships, it's just that the game has changed. Tennis has become more rapid, more speedy.

When we talk about the changing of the format, now you have just the three-set match, not the five-set match. During the five-set match it's easier to actually influence the game. You have more time to make some changes. You have more time for preparation. Now it takes less time. I would say the influence has dropped a bit.

Q. You probably remember when Russia played Sweden in the final of the Davis Cup. Volkov was serving for the match against Edberg. Boris Yeltsin came suddenly and the match was interrupted for 10 minutes. Volkov lost the match. Do you remember that moment? Did you ever have a chance to talk to Yeltsin and say, Look, you should have been more careful because in a way you ruined our chances to win?

SHAMIL TARPISCHEV: Back in the day I wasn't the captain of the team during this period because I worked with Mr. Yeltsin in Kremlin.

We actually attended this match together. It was also my fault that I didn't stop him to enter into the court because he didn't know, he didn't realize that he wasn't allowed to. Of course, that influenced the game.

I remember this moment and I can say that, yes, of course it influenced the game very much.

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