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November 28, 2021

Alejandro Falla

Daniel Elahi Galan

Team Colombia

Press Conference

Colombia - 2

USA - 1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in English.

Q. Alejandro, an unfortunate end to the day, but you finished second in the group. Plenty to be proud of, Colombia, from your performance here.

ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, a win today against USA for Colombian sports is big. It's huge for us. I mean, I think we were competitive during the whole weekend. My guys played really well yesterday and today. I think that's exciting for us, because we know we have the level to compete against the best teams in the world.

Nicolas is pretty young, and he played an amazing two matches yesterday and today. Daniel is experienced guy, and he knows he's got a very high level, too. The doubles for us are very important.

So, yeah, I think the most important thing yesterday and today is how we compete against one of the best teams here. We also had a lot of fun out there. Pretty happy, because everything went well today.

Q. After what you have seen this weekend, does that make you feel that you might have high hopes for this team going even further in the years to come?

ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, we were very close. I think we needed, I don't know, I didn't count, but 3-0, we had a real chance to go into the quarterfinals. We were a little short today with the match point on Nicolas' match, but yeah, we came here to compete to show that we have the level to play good tennis, and we are very, very happy because of this.

Q. Daniel, that was your second top 30 win, I believe. How significant was that for you in your career? How special a moment was it?

DANIEL ELAHI GALAN: Yeah, it was huge win for me, definitely. I think more because of the moment I was having, a very tough year, finishing the year like this is very good for me, for my confidence. Yeah, it just give me more motivation for the preseason to do it well. Yeah, to prepare for next year even better than this year.

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