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November 29, 2021

Jordan Davis

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Georgia Bulldogs

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Workout Day Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We have Jordan Davis. Jordan, while we wait on questions, please give us your general thoughts on the upcoming game against Alabama.

JORDAN DAVIS: What's up, y'all. This is Jordan Davis. I'm excited to play, excited to be here. Let's get this thing started.

Q. Jordan, I don't know how much you played in 2018 against Alabama. I know you played a lot in '19 -- excuse me. In '20. What challenges does their offensive line bring with the style they play as well as the quarterback they've got?

JORDAN DAVIS: Alabama's always been known for physical toughness, and they have a great offensive line. They have a great size, great motor. I just feel like it's going to be a tremendous challenge to play against them. They're big. We're big. We're going to give it everything we've got, and I hope they give us their best shot. They have a great unit.

Q. I'm curious how far you all have gotten into the Iron Bowl tape and what opportunities you see there, or even the Alabama-LSU tape. Both games they really struggled to put up points.

JORDAN DAVIS: They have a high explosive offense. They definitely had a key wide receiver out and everything. You just have to be ready to game plan and scheme because they have great athletes around the board, QB to throw, and the offensive line can protect.

We just have to make sure every scheme and just rush to the best of our ability up front and cover to the best of our ability on the back end.

Q. Hey, Jordan, I know he's a defensive player, but Will Anderson Jr., you being a defensive guy yourself, what all have you seen from him this year and what all has he accomplished?

JORDAN DAVIS: He's a great player. He's a game wrecker, watching his film and just seeing him. He's explosive. He's definitely one of those guys you have to make sure to keep contained. It's great to see him play, but we just have to make sure that we game plan for him and that we protect well up front on the offensive side and give Stetson some time to throw.

Q. Jordan, I remember after the Vanderbilt game you told the SEC Network that you were only in for nine snaps. What's the highest number of snaps you've played this season? Do you know?

JORDAN DAVIS: It was around the 50s, 52, 50-something. That was the highest number.

Q. Do you remember what game that was?

JORDAN DAVIS: I believe it was Tennessee.

Q. And I was just wondering how -- obviously in a game like this, you could be needed for a lot more. I was just wondering how -- are you kind of eager to have a game where you play a ton of snaps? Because I know there have been several games where you probably haven't played as much as you wanted to.

JORDAN DAVIS: Definitely. It doesn't matter who we play. I'm just glad to be on the field and show my best. If they need me for a hundred snaps, I'll give my best effort for a hundred snaps, it doesn't matter. Whenever my name is called on, I just want to be there.

Q. Nick Saban yesterday called you one of the most dominant players in college football. I wonder in your time watching college football, how would you describe Nick Saban?

JORDAN DAVIS: He's a great coach. Growing up, you'd see him winning championships when he was at Alabama and doing a great job at LSU and everything. He's definitely one of those coaches that have high regard in the community and a lot of respect in the coaches realm.

So if he called me that, I'm honored. He's up there with one of the greats.

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