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November 28, 2021

Jiri Lehecka

Team Czech Republic

Press Conference

C. NORRIE/J. Lehecka

6-1, 2-6, 6-1

Great Britain - 1

Czech Republic - 1

THE MODERATOR: Not the result you expected. How was it out there? Tell us about how you felt out there today.

JIRI LEHECKA: Yeah, so of course tough match from the first set. I was a little bit tight, little bit nervous. He started to play solid tennis from the baseline. He was better from the forehand side.

Of course, fast first break and the first set was done. Of course, I started to think what to improve, what to make better. I went for the toilet, then I cleared my mind a little bit. Of course, in second set I started to play better and better. I started to play my game, what I was looking for whole two sets, three sets.

It went how I wanted to be. I played good game, good serving. I improved my return. I little bit changed my tactic from the baseline.

Unfortunately I didn't make the first three set points at 5-1 on return. I mean, never mind, I served well on 5-2.

Third set I would say really tough first two games. I played solid, but a little bit more mistakes than I expected. Of course, we both knew that it will be very important moment for the last set.

He was lucky one. He didn't make so many mistake as I did. Then after these two games for 2-Love for him, I don't want to say it was the end, but he started to play better and better. He was more confident. He started to play more aggressive from his forehand.

Of course, I knew I need to play as I played in the second set. It was so many mistakes in the end. But, yeah, solid match.

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