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November 27, 2021

Diego Hidalgo

Gonzalo Escobar

Raul Viver

Team Ecuador

Press Conference


6-4, 4-6, 6-4

Russian Tennis Federation - 3

Ecuador - 0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Raul, obviously not the result you would have wanted today. What are your reflections on your time in Madrid? How proud are you of your team?

RAUL VIVER: Yeah, I'm very proud. Like you said, not the results we wanted, but the fight, the level of competition, the level that the whole team played at was very, very good.

I mean, I'm satisfied with that. Obviously not happy with the final result. Especially yesterday we could have won that tie with a little bit of I don't know if luck, but here and there a couple of points. Emilio Gomez against Carreno, a couple of points we were three points away. The doubles we served for the match, two points away. It could have been a little different.

Today I think it was also tough to come back after yesterday, finishing so late, going to sleep at 3:00, 4:00 in the morning, playing against a team as strong as Russia. It's not easy. I think maybe the energy level was a little bit less than yesterday, a little bit lower.

The effort of the players was the same. I mean, I can never complain about that, about the fighting spirit of this team.

Q. Diego, what do you take from these last two days?

DIEGO HIDALGO: Yeah, obviously, like Raul said, the results weren't what we expected, but I think we played at a very high level. Me and Gonzalo, we're doing things right together as a team.

I think, yeah, hopefully I can play with him in the future. I'm going to work for it. I'm motivated. These past two days were tough, obviously. Yesterday we served for the match. We had our chances. We couldn't serve it out.

I think the level is there. We demonstrated that. We're going to keep working and looking for that again.

Q. Gonzalo, what has the reaction been like from home?

GONZALO ESCOBAR: Yeah, so they're very proud. I think they've been expecting, waiting for this event for two years. Finally we're here.

I think they thought it was going to be a little worst. They're actually surprised. They're very proud. But, yeah, that's good.

At the same time I think, like Raul and Diego said, we were in both doubles, in some singles. That also shows the level of team. We know that we can be so much higher in the rankings, but we need to show it also.

So we finish the year with confidence. Hopefully that will help for next year.

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